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Thank you for choosing to be part of the team by becoming an affiliate. As an affiliate you create your own unique links. When a friend uses that link to enter the website and buys an Eve Cup, you receive 25% commission of that sale. The same counts for every new participant that signs up for the online course. This means you can receive €50 per new participant.


It is my promise to treat you with the fairness and respect you deserve. I simply ask the same consideration of you. Please read the ‘Terms of use’ agreement before signing up. This is to ensure we are both surfing the same wave of intention. I strongly believe in straight-forward and honest communication. You can email me at any time on and I will get back to you personally within a few days.


Once you are an affiliate, you can start to generate unique links to your account. When you promote “Nalaya Chakana” using these specific links, the system registers that new visitors have come because of your support. When new sales are made from these visitors you receive 25% commission. Meaning: you earn €7,- with every Eve Cup sale. And for every new participant of the online course you will also receive 25% which is €50. You can log into this page whenever you feel to check your statistics. You will receive your payment every first of the next month via PayPal.


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FREE MEDITATION - Connect deeply with your divine feminine essence...

FREE MEDITATION - Connect deeply with your divine feminine essence...