Embodiment means you embrace ALL of you. When you embody your sensitivity – your intuition awakens. When you embody the intelligence of your emotions – you will flow through life. When you embody the connection to your womb – your tantric connection will awaken a newfound intimacy with life.


These special women’s gatherings are a safe space to experience what it truly means to embody your lightness. EXPAND in your realness. EXPRESS your truth. And EMBRACE your authentic self fully.


The purpose of these retreats is to activate a deep sense of wholeness from within. Through working with tantric principles as well as shamanic rituals, you will experience that it is truly safe to let go of control. These gatherings are there to hand you the tools that guarantee you know how to trust your intuition, and trust in existence at large.

  • Ancient Rituals

    Get in touch with your Shamanic nature by practicing ritual and offerings.

  • Sacred Sites

    Connect with sacred places and allow the resonance of the Earth to activate you.

  • Cacao Medicine

    Cacao is the medicine of the heart. Open up to the divine guidance of Cacaocita.

  • Sensuality & Sexuality

    Embrace your Tantric nature in a holistic way. Learn to make love with every moment.

  • Sisterhood Tribe

    Expand, expose and express! Here you are safe and free to reveal ALL of yourself.

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You are a sensitive and intuitive woman. And are seeking the full embodiment of your wisdom and lightness. You get overwhelmed by your sensitivity and sometimes doubt whether to trust your intuition.


You are ready for a real change. A change that brings lightness to your life. A change that encourages you to chase your passions and feel free to always express yourself.You are willing to release all that is holding you back from truly being your greatest potential. You are curious, open and willing to uplift your soul and ignite your intuition.


Does all of that resonate with you?
Then you are exactly in the right place!

Odette Gibbs

Nalaya is one of the most soulful, inspiring and astute medicine women I have had the pleasure to know and work beside in this lifetime. I have no hesitation emphatically recommending her services to anyone who is ready to heal and connect to their full potential for vital, authentic and engaged living. She is an expert at guiding women to access and activate their femininity ; their sensuality & sexuality.

Victoria Lozar

Nalaya is both deeply present and deeply intuitive – she holds a gentle, yet undeniably powerful space for radical transformation in her clients – and indeed, for anyone blessed to enter the radiant and compassionate field of her divine feminine presence.

I love her authenticity and unique work. I highly recommend the transformative women healing seminars by Nalaya.

Reachel Singh

Nalaya is the real deal, at the most profound of levels. I have never seen her waver in her integrity, her grace or her capacity to acknowledge her own realness and humaness. Thereby creating a remarkable container of deep safety, honesty and trust for those she works with.


If you are considering working with Nalaya, please, trust your inner guidance and go for it.


I believe my work to be a divine expression of who I am in my essence.

What I offer is an alchemy between my greatest passions and being of service.


My approach to intimacy is absolutely holistic. Through tantra and shamanic practices I open the doors to true connection. Connection to your senses, your sensuality, sexuality, connection to the elements of nature, the universe at large, as well as all your relationships. That is true intimacy.


I am here to guide you into your transformation and self-actualization. To guide you into hearing your own inner guidance loud and clear. It brings me so much joy to be of support in your evolution of trust. To hold space for you as you embody your lightness.


Connect with me on Instagram and dive into the intricate layers of intimacy with me. I would love to hear your wisdom and experiences. Together we weave this web of truth, authenticity and exploration of love.


We all seek intimacy, LOVE and authenticity in life. Yet somehow we build barriers agains exactly that which we want most in life. When you approach intimacy in a holistic way, you open up to new ways of connection. Connect to your body, your heart, your womb. Connect to nature, the elements and all your relations.


This is your opportunity to clear blockages so that you can ultimately feel more intimately connected to ALL of existence.

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FREE VIDEO COURSE - "Feminine Intuition"

Do you often feel overwhelmed by all that you are feeling? Do you often feel that it is all just too much? It's time to start listening to your FEMININE INTUITION. Learn to trust your sensitivity and its intuitive guidance that is unique to you.