4 Myths about the Pill

4 Myths about the Pill

My story is one you will recognise. I must have been 15 years old when the doctor prescribed me the birth control pill. I got my period 1,5 years prior to that moment, so of course they were still quite irregular. My physical symptoms were really minor: light periods, and on a rare occasion I would get a pimple on my chin or neck. That’s it. I wasn’t even sexually active yet and neither had my body fully formed itself into maturity. Yet here I was, excited to take the Pill because it made me feel mature. I didn’t just get any Pill, I got the heaviest-hormone-loaded-Pill out there (one that people with acne would get). Within a few months I developed my hips and doubled the size of my breasts.


It was as if I had jumped a few chapters ahead and just got launched into womanhood. All because the doctor felt to regulate my periods and get rid of that monthly pimple on my chin. Pretty soon I got obsessed with losing weight. I had always been thin and flexible, and was confused about the dramatic increase of volume. The amount of sex-hormones rushing through my little body changed everything in life. Not just physical, also emotional, psychological and sexual.


Our Generation

What I have gone through is so typical for my generation of women. Sexuality and exploration was more accepted than the generation before us. And the Pill was highly accepted in all forms. We didn’t ask questions about hormone therapies or toxic tampons. Now we know that these are the underlying cause of the extreme increase in uterine and breast cancer.


Besides harsh diseases, it is also causing fertility issues and all kinds of hormonal imbalances. This is my purpose in life: to guide women into alignment. I don’t fix hormones, I simply allow women to connect to their feminine essence. To me that means: embracing your sensitive and intuitive nature. Which all begins by connecting with the power of your natural monthly cycle and your womb.


Myth #1: The Pill helps regulate your cycle

Did you know that when the Pill was first developed, it was actually illegal to sell contraceptives? Instead, the Pill was ostensibly prescribed to “normalize” periods. “Normalize” was a quaint euphemism which really just meant to be “not pregnant”. In other words: it was secret cover story that was invented to allow women to choose over their body’s and sexuality.


The Pill has many functions, but certainly not to regulate your cycle. It actually prevents you from having a cycle by making your body believe you are pregnant. The hormones you take ensure that you do not ovulate. When you do not ovulate, there will be no menstruation. Therefore the bleeding that happens in the “pill free week” is there to keep the illusion alive – it is a fake bleeding. So how can it regulate a non-existing cycle?


Myth #2: The Pill gets rid of acne

Seven years later, after having tried different brands of contraceptives, I knew it was time to return home to myself. Although my hormones were only slightly out of balance when I got put on the pill – they were a complete mess when I quit the Pill. Why? Because the slight imbalance got repressed and repressed and repressed. The synthetic hormones literally had put a cover on the box. Finally it exploded and that was when I actually needed to deal with acne.


You could say that I was ‘lucky’ I only had acne on my back, chest and neck. But wow, I felt so ashamed and insecure. Mostly I felt hopeless in finding a solution because nothing seemed to work. From this healing journey I developed the holistic system of Happy Healthy Hormones. Essentially, no hormone-cure can quick-fix your hormonal imbalance. You need to align these delicate hormones with care and attention. That is how you get rid of acne.


Myth #3: The Pill reduces cramping and other symptoms

I know women who go through extreme difficulties during their period. Sometimes so extreme that they are bed bound for days, and are even vomiting from the pain. Some women will experience migraines or tsunami’s of emotions that drown them in depression. If this is you, and you feel a relief by taking the Pill, you must know that you are not helping your health. And (most importantly), if you wish to truly heal, you will need to quit the Pill.


Honestly, if you feel worried or if you feel inspired, then please write me (nalaya@nalayachakana.com). I know it is not an easy decision. But if you desire to become a mother in the future, or desire to live sensitively connected to yourself, living in vibrant health – than knock on my door. What is most important is to have the right kind of assistance to speed up the “bridge phase”. The bridge between getting off the pill and being fully YOU.


Myth #4: The Pill will ease Endometriosis and ovarian cysts (PCOS)

Endometriosis and PCOS are two hormonal conditions that come with a variety of symptoms. Often very extreme symptoms such as profound pain or fertility issues. If this is you, then please do not get tempted by the idea that the Pill or any other pill will magically heal the underlying root.


When the body knocks on your door with a loud knock like that, it really urges you to take care with attention and a holistic approach. The idea of changing your lifestyle may seem intense, but it certainly is not as intense as the side effects of Endometriosis or PCOS. I invite you to write me if you have any questions.


First Steps First

My free video course “Love Your Period” is a gateway for establishing a more intimate connection with your femininity, sensitivity and intuition. This is the bridge to loving yourself. If you have read this article and feel the resonance to quit the Pill. Then take the free video course and write me if you have any questions. May this be the first step in preparing yourself to cycle naturally and to get to know your innate wisdom.




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