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Addicted to Love

Addicted to Love

So many of us are addicted to love. Not the Hollywood type of happily-ever-after romance. But more the kind you would find in series. You know, those endless episodes in which the tension just builds and builds. The excitement – that’s what we’re after. That’s what gets us hooked. Whatever it is… even love.


We’re living in a world in which the obligation of marriage is passé. There are many re-inventions of what “relationship” means. And mostly I see people kinda lost and unclear about what it is they truly want from love.


The newest trend in allergies seems to be “commitment” and so most of us give up before we try. Either we idealise the idea of relationship to the point that it becomes unrealistic and therefore unattainable. Or, we hide under the cover of wanting to “be free”, and avoid dealing with true connection and what it could stir up from within.


Yet… you seek intimacy. So you find it in those explosive encounters that are either disastrously challenging or sexually exciting. Or both.


There’s the push and the pull. The chasing and being chased. There’s the maybe, the what-if, and the dreams of how perfect it all could be.


If… you dare to surrender
If… you dare to open up and dive deep


The trust is there. Until it slips away again. You try to open more, but you get scared. After all, this is an unattached kinda scenario of being “in the moment”. (You know, those cool new age words we use to cover up feelings we don’t wanna feel). And so the true question is: how deep can the trust go when there’s no ground to stand on?


Slowly but surely excitement is replaced by disappointment. Passion turns into discussion. And the binge-watching of this love-story-adventure seems to loose its taste, as the rush of the initial spark wears down.


The story ends.
 Regardless of its reasons, it somehow grants you a sense of relief when it’s over. Like a sigh of victory and loss. Of liberation.


And yet…
There’s a hunger inside you that is yet to be fulfilled.


So, on you go. Searching the next hit of attraction. The next rush of sensory overload. The next dance that makes you wanna cry, scream and laugh all at once. Just to feel. Feel the butterflies and endorphins. Feel the adoration. The wanting. Just to intensely feel…


Sometimes we feel too much.
Sometimes we don’t feel enough.
Sometimes we feel the things we don’t wanna feel.
Or wish to feel something else than what is present.


That’s how addiction gets initiated. Essentially to avoid feeling that which doesn’t want to be felt. Addiction is a distraction wrapped in a warm blanket of excitement. Instant gratification. An explosion of ecstasy masked under the phenomenon of “this is love”.


The spiral of highs and lows has only gotten you so far. Different faces, adventures and seemingly similar story-lines. To essentially get you to where you are right now..


Wondering where to go from here..




Allow me to guide you into a new direction.


Are you willing to experience intimacy in new ways?
Are you longing for more depth and sincerity?
Then join me the last Sunday of this month in the live class “Addicted to Love”. This is gonna be super insightful, and so much fun! See you there!


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