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Authenticity is Magnetic

Authenticity is Magnetic

Today I had a strange encounter. What upset me were not the details of the conversation, nor the projections that came from the person who preferred blaming the world than reflecting inwards. What upset me is that his offerings of life are supposedly in alignment with the light.


Light-workers, healers, musicians, therapists… Whoever you are, whatever you do. Nobody expects you to be perfect. Nobody, except yourself. We all have shadows, scars and traumas. We all run away occasionally or prefer to blame our surroundings.


Do not get attached to the “who” or “what” you may believe you are. Open to spontaneous moments in which life shows you in clarity: you do not know where you want to go and you are not happy with where you are.


I don’t believe there is a single human being who has not experienced what that feels like.


As for me and this encounter – I see life is simply asking me to remain in my alignment. The alignment of being authentic.



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