Gaia Equinox Retreat 2017

Booking & Reservation


Hi there, beautiful Warrior Goddess! We are so happy to see that you feel the calling to join us in Peru in 2017 with the intention to heal our Mother Earth. To confirm your registration please follow the steps below to ensure your place as one of the 13 Sacred Sisters. We are very excited for this deep inner journey as well as expansive outer journey in the gorgeous lands of Peru. Thank you for being part of this project!



FB_IMG_14509198641861. EMAIL YANU & NALAYA

Please send an email to the both of us on: Yanu Shewa and Nalaya Chakana .
We ask you kindly to answer the following questions to ensure our alignment:


– Why do you wish to be part of this retreat?
– What is your purpose in life?
– Describe yourself in 5 key-words.
– In what way do you offer healing to those around you?
– What is your experience as a space holder or workshop facilitator?
– What kind of workshop do you wish to offer during the retreat? (This does not need to be specific yet. Simply a subject or category is enough)



Your voluntary donation can be transferred to Yanu either via bank transfer or PayPal. As stated before: the donation is to secure your place and to ensure your commitment. This donation is for all the energy and effort that goes into the organization, both beforehand and during our time together.


Name: D.H.J de Roo
Bank: Rabobank
IBAN: NL59RABO0151381267
Location: Eindhoven, The Netherlands


PayPal email account:


Subject: ” Donation for Gaia 


All other expenses such as flights, transportation, hotels, food and other daily costs are additional. Life in Peru is a lot cheaper than Western countries. We also will choose very simple yet clean accommodation. We do not seek super-expensive high-end places to sleep. In case you seek this comfort, we will guide you in the right direction. Options are always available. For flight tickets, we recommend using to find your flights. Also research online which airlines operate via Spain (if you are coming from Europe). Spain and Spanish-speaking countries always have better deals. For comments or questions we are always available via email.



We hold a boundless trust in Divine Synchronicity and trust deeply in the coming together of the exact 13 Sacred Sisters. When you hear the calling to join us, the calling will come from a very deep place inside you. You will be directed and guided by a force much larger than you. Trust that once you have committed to this profound gathering in Peru, the Universe will conspire to make it happen. Once you have completed the previous steps, both Yanu and Nalaya will meditate on your answers and together confirm your registration. We will inform you via email to welcome you into our team.

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