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Your willingness to be transformed, is the reason you will.

Your dedication to yourself and your intentions, is why you will feel more empowered.

You are a unique being, with a unique body and sensitivity. Learn to listen to your unique intuition and inner guidance. Nobody can get you to where you need to be, only YOU.




What I share with you is full embodied wisdom through personal experience. My greatest struggles in life essentially lead me to knowing my passion. And my passion transformed itself into these online courses. Not to teach you exactly how I got to where I am – but to offer the tools so you find where you need to be. For you to wake up and remember.


YOU are the guide you are looking for. That is the base principle of all my courses. There are many paths we can choose to become more intuitive and self-empowered – the connection with your Womb is one. My Womb has been my greatest master in this life, therefore it is the path I walk and the path I open for others. This is where your wild essence resides; your deep wisdom, your sensitive, soft, vulnerable yet strong Self. Your Womb is guiding you with soft whispers continuously in every moment. All you need to do is learn to listen, and trust.



Your sensitivity and your emotions are not there to overwhelm or disturb you. They are there to empower you as a women.



By tuning into your inner rhythms, you will learn to expand you intuition to accommodate your spiritual & emotional needs!



Do you realise that PMS symptoms are not supposed to exist? When you have a healthy period, you do not need to suffer.



Frequently asked questions in regards to the online courses.

If your questions is not listed, please contact me any time.

What happens when I change my mind, do you have a refund policy?

My 100% Guarantee: I am so confident in my program and your success that I am offering you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you read all the materials and do all the assignments and you still are not happy with your progress, then email me within 13 days from the start of the program and I will fully refund you.

How are the courses delivered?

All in your inbox. This course is 100% virtual, confidential and intimate. You can start at any time and go at the pace that suits you. Plus you’ll get access to the study materials forever. Meaning you can always return in the future to refresh your memory if needed.

Once I’m registered, where do I find the online course?

Via your email you will get direct access to the academy. This is an external platform where all my courses are located. Once you register you can log into the academy and the course will be there, available to you forever. It is a completely self-directed course that allows you to build effective and healthy practices into your everyday life for radical improvement in your overall health and wellbeing.

How much time do I need for each course?

This is impossible to predict. First of all – every course is presented differently and depending on your level of experience or intention for doing the course, it will need space and time to be absorbed. There are so many factors that contribute to how much time you may need for each module. Some women prefer to study all the material on one day and implement it in the week that follows. Other women will read a little piece of information every day and take it slower. Both are great – different women need different things. One thing is for sure: the more time you take for yourself, the better. There is no rush in doing this – this is concerning your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing – so we better take care.

What is the support system?

In the academy there is an online community of women who are doing the same course as you. This allows us to intimately share in confidential space, knowing that we are being heard by others who are probably going through the same, or have had similar experiences. This is the most valuable support there is – to know you are truly recognized and heard. I will be active in the community, always answering any question or need that may arise. There is also the option of emailing me or booking a private session to go a lot deeper into your personal needs and seeing how these can best be accommodated.

Are there different packages of support?

If you are in a challenging place in life, feeling very confronted with all that is arising – than I highly recommend calling out for personalized support. I would love to get to know you and really ensure that you are heard and met, exactly in the way that you need. This true level of feeling connected and supported is often the key element that you need to really move through the difficulties, and be transformed for the better. I offer different packages of support, for different length of time. Please click here to get a clear overview. The more quality attention you give your life and heart – the more powerful the transformation. We are not looking for a quick-fix, we are looking for an integrative holistic way of healing. That is the only way to truly embodying your soft power.

Who made the course and what are the references?

My name is Nalaya Chakana. I was born in The Netherlands, raised in various countries and continents, and travelled the world solo for over 11 years. Now I am rooted in the mountains of Peru. Where I feel my embodied wisdom wants to be shared more than ever before.

My expertise has come from my own life-experiences and personal self-healing journey. I needed to face all my shadows and scars – ones I had so tactfully been hiding from myself. I’ve healed my wounded feminine, healed my physical body from all kinds of ailments, I have learnt to embrace my extreme sensitivity, which initially was driving me crazy.

When I look back, I see depletion, depression, disconnection. Now that I have landed with my feet on the ground, solidly centered in my heart – I can look back and feel so proud of this young woman who was crazy enough to live all she did.

The absolute hardest, most intense and challenging times of my life have brought me where I am now. Sharing with you my wisdom and knowledge with so much joy, pleasure and passion. Femininity and sensitivity are my endless fascinations. I know there is a lot more to uncover in this journey.

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