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Did you know your diet can have a direct effect on your hormones?

What you eat can change your period pains & skin breakouts, and will bring back your libido!

Find out how you can change your diet so you will have Happy Healthy Hormones!



This holistic online course is a proven system that will heal your hormonal issues. In this course we will address the root cause of the imbalance instead of treating symptoms individually. Through food we will re-harmonize the balance within your endocrine system, as well as support your body with natural remedies, supplements, self-care practices and simple lifestyle changes that will have a profound affect on your hormonal health.



Time to get clear about your symptoms! Take the “Hormone Quiz” and discover how to empower yourself.



Check out the frequently asked questions for more clarity on what you can expect in this empowering course.



Learn to carefully and intuitively listen to your body’s needs. Empower yourself through your increasing awareness.



Frequently asked questions in regards to the

Happy Healthy Hormones 5-week online course

I have never been on any particular diet, and I don’t have much knowledge about nutrition. Will I be able to understand the information given?

Yes, even if you do not have much knowledge about nutrition, you can participate in this course. It is possible that you may need a little extra time to go through all the information, but anyone with the pure intention of healing herself is eligible for this course. The fact that the course is online, will give you the benefit and freedom to choose how much time you need for each module. You will learn a lot. Guaranteed.

I have great knowledge about nutrition and am already trying my best with the food that I eat – will this course still benefit me?

Yes, for sure. Whatever your background or interest in regards to nutrition, there is always room to deepen your knowledge. Hormones are very delicate, and to operate with nutrition for the purpose of harmonising the hormonal system, it requires an understanding for details. It is possible that you are merely missing a few essential links in your diet, that are necessary to balance your system.

It is actually very common that women are living a healthy lifestyle, desperately trying many methods, herbs and detoxes, without any real results. I used to be one of those people. That is why my path of healing took me years instead of months. And that is also why I offer you exactly what works.

In this course we will pay lots of attention to the entire system of glands in the body which control the communication of all the hormones. Hormones are very delicate and they therefore require delicate attention to re-balance.

Can I get a personalised report that is specifically for me and my issues?

Often it can be very helpful to receive one-on-one guidance. The course itself is complete, yet the knowing that someone is walking beside you, may give you that little push of motivation you need to keep going.

During these sessions I will allow myself to fully be guided by you. We will ensure that your needs are met, and that you feel supported in the process of healing and realignment. Per month there will be two moments of contact. This includes one full-length Skype session per month that will come with a personalised report, additional advice, exercises or rituals for integration. Later on in the month we will have a moment of reflection via email, audio-recording or WhatsApp. The Skype session is the center point, and the reflection is to keep the focus. During this time you are welcome to share any step of the journey and ask questions at any time. .

Are there different packages of support?

I offer different packages of support, for different length of time. Please click here to get a clear overview. The more time you grant yourself for integration, the easier those changes will become part of your natural lifestyle and behaviour. We are not looking for a quick-fix, we are looking for an integrative holistic way of healing your issue, as well as bringing you closer to your body and innate intuition.

Can I do the course when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?

The course is focussed on balancing and re-harmonizing your entire hormonal system and will therefore surely benefit you when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Many women experience a hormonal imbalance during and after pregnancy. If this is you, please contact me via and I will make sure you receive the additional information you need to work with the HHH protocol. Especially the information about herbal remedies and other supplements needs to be consulted with me before you proceed.

Do I need to have all the symptoms listed to be eligible for the course?

No. It does not matter if you have one, a few or many of the symptoms mentioned – when you are looking to balance your hormones, this is the course for you. I highly advice you take the “Hormone quiz” to get a deeper insight in your case. This will help you understand where the symptoms originate from in your system. You may reflect upon the answers from the Hormone Quiz by contacting me via email.

Are the supplements and herbs included in the program?

No, they are not included. Different women do the course for different reasons and will need a different combination of herbs and supplements to suite their needs. Women from all over the world are working with the Happy Healthy Hormones protocol – it is advisable to look for what is available locally or what is produced in your country or continent. I am always happy to answer your questions in regards to this subject.

Once I’m registered, where do I find the online course?

The course is built inside the website. Once you register you can log into the website and the course will be there, available to you forever. It is a completely self-directed course that allows you to build effective and healthy practices into your everyday life for radically improved hormonal health and general wellbeing.

How is the course delivered?

All in your inbox! This course is 100% virtual, confidential and intimate. You can start at any time and go at the pace that suits you. Plus you’ll get access to the study materials forever. Meaning you can always return in the future to refresh your memory and see what needs adjusting in your habits. This course is packed with information – you can’t absorb it all at once. Luckily it’s always available at your fingertips.

Who do I contact if I have any technical issues?

You can send an email to and explain what difficulties you are experiencing. It is best to make a print screen so that we have an understanding what is happening behind the screens. I will refer the issue to our technical team and have it fixed a.s.a.p.

What happens when I change my mind, do you have a refund policy?

My 100% Guarantee: I am so confident in my program and your success that I am offering you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you read all the materials and do all the assignments and you still are not happy with your progress, then email me within 10 days from the start of the program and I will fully refund you.

How much time do I need to do the course?

This is difficult to predict. There are so many factors that contribute to how much time you may need for each module. Some women prefer to study all the material on one day and implement it in the week that follows. Other women will read a little piece of information every day and take it slower. Both are great – different women want different things. One thing is for sure: the more time you take for yourself, the better. There is no rush in doing this – this is concerning your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing – so we better take care.

Does every module require the same amount of time?

Some modules will include more reading material than other modules. This depends on the topic and what is necessary. Perhaps one of the modules is easier for you than some of the others (depending on your current lifestyle ad knowledge) – this will also indicate the amount of time you will need.

Will my symptoms all disappear in 5 weeks when the course is finished?

Healing from any condition takes time. Many factors play a rol in this healing process, such as: how severe are your symptoms? How long have you suffered from this imbalance? What attempts have you done before doing this course? Are you taking birth control or other medication? For some it can take weeks, for others it can take months. With this course your journey will begin, and it will take you through the foundational changes that are needed to fully re-balance your system.


It is exactly like getting into shape – you will need to walk before you run. This course will get the foundations of your hormones in balance, so that you can continue to build a healthy life from there on.

Who made the course and what are the references?

My name is Nalaya Chakana. My expertise has come from my own life-experiences and personal self-healing journey. My personal journey of having healed my hormonal issues is what allows me to be here now – offering you the gifts of my expertise. I have literally become the person I was looking for at that time. It was one of the hardest, most intense and challenging times of my life. But it got me where I needed to be. That experience absolutely changed my life forever. Not only had I healed my body, my womb and hormones – it also empowered my femininity, sensitivity and the trust I have in my intuition.

It was the quest for self-realisation and self-healing that guided me onto my path of purpose. All that I create and offer is a pure expression of my passion. I absolutely love working with women. And more-so, I love seeing women wake up in their true essence. That is why I created the HAPPY HEALTHY HORMONES online course. The proven system to heal your body and being in a holistic way, so that you can wake up in your sensitive power as a woman.

What is the support system?

The support is there when you need it via email. If you require deeper advice to accommodate your personal situation, I will advice buying the additional support package that has been created specifically for the online course. This will ensure you receive all the guidance you may need for your unique situation. The course is very clear and to the point, but it always possible that things come up for you which you are unsure about. Please feel free to contact me at any time. I am here for you.

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