Nalaya | Cycles of Love
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Cycles of Love

Cycles of Love

Within your cycles of love lies a contradiction that wants to be pulled out by the root. Although the truth may confront you, it is not here to challenge you. It is here to offer you an opportunity to transcend it. The way to transcend it, is to take action, and be sincere about the offering that you are willing to make. Step out of your comfort zone – if it makes you feel insecure, uneasy or weird, you know you are in the right place. This is where the magic of transformation can occur.





Life is a dream, and you are the creator. Once you wake up inside that dream and begin to analyse the symbols of your vision – you will receive so much clarity, it can be frightening at first. But the choice is yours – keep sleeping through the endless cycles of love. Or wake up, transcend, and become the love you seek.

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