Embodied Lightness – Women’s Retreat May 2019


Women’s Retreat – Sacred Valley, Peru


Intimate Relating   Layer #1  –  5-10 May 2019
Tantric Lifestyle   Layer #2  –  18-23 May 2019


Embodiment means you embrace ALL of you. When you embody your sensitivity – your intuition awakens. When you embody the intelligence of your emotions – you will flow through life. When you embody the connection to your womb – your feminine presence will empower all areas of your life.


This special women’s gathering is the safe space to experience what it truly means to embody your lightness. EXPAND in your realness. EXPRESS your truth. And EMBRACE all that you are.


You will return home in understanding of your uniqueness. Feeling lighter and deeply connected to your sensual soul self. You will return home carrying the tools to keep you centred and clear. Tools to listen more carefully and trust your inner guidance. Tools to bring back the balance when you fall off track.

Allow your inner caterpillar to transform into a magnificent butterfly that is ready to spread its wings, fly, and be honoured for its beauty…



+ + +   Embody your sensitivity – Learn to embrace your feelings as your super powers by working with the elements of nature


+ + +   Connect with Earth, Air, Fire and Water as your tools to empower your intention and to rebalance the wholeness of your being


+ + +   Integrate ancient tradition into your world. Learn to weave this knowledge with your personal wisdom for deep inner guidance


+ + +   Open your voice. Open your expression. Open your truth to be heard. You are unique and you carry unique wisdom that wants to be heard


+ + +   Deepen your connection to your womb, your feminine presence. Connect to the sacredness of your body and let it be your guide for empowerment


+ + +   Combine your inner truth with ancient ritual and tribal traditions. This is your modern tribe of sisterhood – here we shine light on the new path ahead


+ + +   In a safe space, connect with the power of your sacred sexuality, sensuality & feminine presence. Understand how to direct this for manifestation and greater pleasure in life


+ + +   Ceremony, offerings, ritual. Awakening your intuition by connecting with nature and the sacred sights in Peru

Do you ever get overwhelmed by your sensitivity?

This is your gift! And it’s time that you woke up to truly living your gift. Here in Peru you will receive all the tools you need to feel capable, whole, embodied and safe to feel all that you feel.

Do you long to meet your tribe of sisters?

Tribe means you are amongst your kind. Tribe means you are where you belong and you are deeply understood by those around. Here in Peru you get to meet your tribe of women!

Do you feel a desire to connect with ancient tradition and ritual?

Learn directly from a native medicine woman from the Andean mountains. Understand the power of offering by working with the elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Be clear about your intentions and watch the magic unfold before your very eyes.

Have you had troubles trusting your inner voice?

My expertise is to guide you into your own inner guidance. To have you feel the depth of your wisdom and learn how to truly trust. Your connection to your womb center is the main key in allowing your feminine intuition to rise.

Are you ready to embody your feminine presence?

In this retreat we are combining ancient wisdom with womb wisdom. Holding a safe container to allow all of your lightness to be embodied through the most obvious and tangible tools that are always available to you on a daily basis, to stand strong in your feminine presence.

What will this retreat bring you?

I promise you that you will return home feeling more centred within your being and body. Centred in your truth and centered in your intuition. Unafraid to shine your lightness. And in trust of knowing how to be guided in clarity by your inner voice.

I notice there are two "layers" at different dates - how does it work?

The two layers “Intimate Relating” and “Tantric Lifestyle” hold an aspect that is connected to the core heart of “Embodied Lightness”. These layers are independent – meaning: you are free to do any of these retreats, in any particular moment you feel called.

There is no order within the layers.
No need for pre-work, pre-knowledge, or pre-experience.

Do I get a discount when I register for both?

Yes! Definitely!
Check out the different price arrangements. Be quick though – 10 participants is the absolute maximum per layer / per retreat. 

Can I do the other layer of Embodied Lightness another time?

The diverse layers will be organized annually. You can be sure that whatever layer you choose – you have the liberty to do the next layer in the nearby future.

At the end of the year Embodied Lightness will travel to different continents. Contact me if you want to assist me in coming to your country – to bring the magic of Peru to where you live. It’ll save you and your friends a big journey to the South. 



Embodied Lightness is the essence of these exceptional women’s gatherings here in Peru. It is what you will learn to embrace from within. Layer by layer. With presence and sensitivity.


Embodied Lightness is the bridge between heaven and earth, between the seen and unseen, the masculine and feminine. It is the bridge between the ancient wisdom, and the intuition that is unique to you.


The Layers of Embodied Lightness:

Intimate Relating   Layer of Connection 5-10 May 2019
Tantric Lifestyle   
Layer of Passion 18-23 May 2019


These two interconnected layers hold an aspect that is connected to the core heart of Embodied Lightness. These layers are independent – meaning: you are free to do any layer, in any particular moment you feel called.


There is no order within the layers.
No need for pre-work, pre-knowledge, or pre-experience.


Simply tune in and see what calls you in this moment. Simply ask yourself what you want to invite into your life to Embody your Lightness more wholly?



Let’s be real – spirituality can be vague. Everyone is always talking about what they “sense” or “feel” and what kind of “energy” they encounter. Sometimes, due to the abstract nature of what is being perceived, it looses significance. Why? Because it is not embodied.


My endless fascination is to understand the embodiment of the inter dimensional self. How to become more present. Here and now. How to utilise the gifts of our invisible connection and solidify it. Make it tangible. And essentially guide you into Embodied Lightness.


Earth, Air, Fire and Water have been considered sacred by all ancient tribal traditions. They have been utilised as ways to create bridges between the seen and the unseen. They have been integrated as tools to help us regain balance and a sense of clarity.


You are the sacred elements. You are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. And when you allow the elements to become your gateways to connecting profoundly with the world around you – you will discover how easy it is to embrace your sensitivity as your super power.



Layer of Connection – Embodied Lightness

5-10 May 2019


I highly believe we all seek intimacy, authenticity and love. Yet somehow we build barriers agains exactly that which we want most in life. Your closest relationships – both of the past and the present – are the clearest reflections to help you understand how you relate to yourself. Join us in “Intimate Relating” if you seek transformation and realignment within your relationships. Join us, and dive deep into the powerful softness of connection from within.




+ + +   You are ready to release past relationships, negative experiences in love, and clear all energetic connections that are holding you back
+ + +   You are ready to dive deeper into intimacy and to connect to your sexuality feeling safe and secure
+ + +   You want to attract your life partner
+ + +   You want to release an unresolved issue in your family lineage that is still influencing you
+ + +   You are dissatisfied with your current relationships – family, friends, (ex) beloveds, acquaintances, clients, colleagues
+ + +   You desire to deepen your relationships based on truth, understanding, support, clear communication and authenticity
+ + +   You are ready to feel absolutely free to express ALL of you
+ + +   You are ready to accept yourself wholly and dare to be accepted by all your relations




+ + +   Ancestral clearing. Removing blockages from the past so that you can fully open up to actualising the greatest version of yourself
+ + +   Release an unhealthy sense of responsibility and the way you self-sacrifice for the benefit of the other
+ + +   Learn to balance in what ways you give love, support and attention. And most importantly: learn to be open to receive all that you give
+ + +   Dive into all the diverse layers of intimacy through: communication, touch, knowing your boundaries, and allowing yourself to be seen and heard
+ + +   Become aware of your needs within true authentic connections
+ + +   Clearing energetic cords. Release shame, fear, guilt and insecurities. All that is connected to negative experiences of the past
+ + +   Dare to truly be YOU. Complete liberation to express your truth and the core essence of your being
+ + +   Connect with the power of ritual for realignment and transformation
+ + +   Dive deep into authentic self-love and trust


This retreat is exactly what you are looking for if you are ready to embody a deeper sense of support, understanding and connection within your life and relationships..



Layer of Passion – Embodied Lightness

18-23 May 2019


There is a secret to Tantra that not many teachers speak of. The secret is not activated when you have your certificate, or know how to orgasm in five different ways. The secret is something you cannot “win” nor “fake”. The secret lies within your Heart. Only through your heart, can you truly make love. Only through your heart can you manifest with your orgasmic life force. Only through your heart can you live in a holistic sense of happiness.




+ + +   You are interested in Tantra and to dive into the subtle realms of your sexual life force energy
+ + +   You seek clarity and direction related to your life’s purpose
+ + +   You want to release blockages from your body and sexuality
+ + +   You desire to feel free in your expressions, to open up to new experiences and
+ + +   You are interested in connecting with your inner feminine and masculine principles. And to learn how to balance these energies to feel aligned and centred from within
+ + +   You are interested in understanding how to use ritual to connect to the sacredness of life, the sacredness of your body and the sacredness of your sexuality
+ + +   You have the tendency to protect yourself because you are sensitive, and want to limit unwanted attention
+ + +   You want to learn how to embody your sensuality and feminine presence and set clear boundaries to be respected in every single moment
+ + +   You want to embody techniques for orgasmic manifestation
+ + +   You want to live a tantric lifestyle and make love with life!




+ + +   Learn to work with the Kundalini life force energy on a sexual and non-sexual level
+ + +   Learn to penetrate the Universe with your visions, desires and needs
+ + +   Learn to be penetrated by the Universe to allow your visions to truly manifest into reality
+ + +   Open your voice. Open your expression. Open your truth to be heard. By opening the channel between your sexual center and throat
+ + +   Learn to use the elements for inner security and to manifest your greatest vision into reality
+ + +   Learn to feel safe in your expansion
+ + +   Deepen your connection to your womb and your sexual center. Connect to the sacredness of your feminine presence and let it be your guide for empowerment
+ + +   Awaken your gifts of intuition. To feel secure and safe to follow your inner guidance
+ + +   Utilize the tantric forces within for healing purposes, creative purposes, and to increase levels of intimacy with yourself and life


What would it be like feel absolutely connected and with a sense of satisfaction on a daily basis? Come to Peru if you are ready to make love with the Universe. This retreat holds the keys to manifesting all you secretly dream of…



You are a sensitive and intuitive woman. And are seeking the full embodiment of your wisdom and lightness. You get overwhelmed by your sensitivity and sometimes doubt whether to trust your intuition.


You are ready for a real change. A change that brings lightness to your life. A change that encourages you to chase your passions and feel free to always express yourself.


You are willing to release all that is holding you back from truly being your greatest potential. You are curious, open and willing to uplift your soul and ignite your intuition.


“Your Womb and your connection to the Moon are your allies in finding wholeness within. When you know the these to be your guides, you will know what is needed to rebalance in the moments you fall out of balance. This is how it has been done in all tribal traditions across the globe. Come and learn from the ancient teachings here in Peru…”



The Sacred Valley of Peru is a high energy place in the Andean mountains where the ancient civilisation of the Inca’s used to reside. It is called the “sacred” valley because there are countless of sacred sites to be found.


For thousands of years, people have prayed to these lands and made offerings. When you come here, with good intentions from the heart – the power of your prayer and offerings will reveal its effects almost instantaneously.


It is something you simply have to experience to truly understand. All I can say, is that when you are ready for true transformation – this is the place that will exhilarate your expansion and growth!




Ritual has been part of human existence since the beginning of time. Your consciousness is connected to the greater consciousness of the Universe. When you interact with Existence through ritual, you automatically connect to the Divine within you.


By making ritual, you are honouring the sacred in all. Your action reveals you are creating space for the power of your thoughts to create your reality.


+ + +   Integrate ritual into your daily, as a way to empower the steps you take

+ + +   Intuitively be guided to work with the elements, as well as prayer and offering to symbolise your intentions of release or realignment

+ + +   Get to know the ancient ways of Peru by working with a local medicine woman

+ + +   Understand why all tribal traditions use ritual to receive clear guidance and to stay centered in your daily life



Our home for the next 6 days, is located in the heart of the Sacred Valley, giving us opportunity to connect with the individual Apu’s (sacred mountain spirits) and the surrounding sacred sights during our retreat.


The center is nestled in an oasis of native plants and fruit trees and is nourished by a magnificent river. It is the perfect place that provides us a mixture of safety to go deep into healing, as well as nourishment to find time for integration and relaxation.


Held in the protective arms of nature, we will live on these Sacred lands in peace and quiet – granting us all the space we need to explore, release and uncover.


It is a place to connect to the incredible depth and beauty of what nature offers.



+ + +   Techniques to open your connection to Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Allowing these to become your tools to bring balance to your life and being


+ + +   Shamanic Rituals


+ + +   Removing blockages so that you can fully open up to actualising the greatest version of yourself


+ + +   Together with a native medicine woman from the Andes we will visit a sacred site and learn how to make a traditional offering


+ + +   Traditional sweat lodge ceremony (Temazcal) for purification


+ + +   Awaken the Heart-Womb connection to trust in your inner voice of intuition


+ + +   Working with native medicinal herbs to assist the physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing of your womb and sacred feminine centre


+ + +   Tantric Cacao Ceremony


+ + +   Sacred self care practices


+ + +   Learn to tune into your personal rhythm of your Sacred Cycle to deepen your connection with your femininity and to stand strong in eb and flow of your month


+ + +   Liberation through breath, sound and movement


+ + +   Learn to embody manifestation techniques and self-healing techniques. To empower your path of purpose and create your reality with consciousness


+ + +   Time for relaxation, creation and integration


+ + +   Additional therapies will be offered for during the free hours. Including massage and energy healing sessions


+ + +   And so much more…!




Get to know the ancient ways of the Peruvian tradition. Easily implement these techniques into your daily. And combine this with the pure and unique wisdom that resides in your senses, your womb and your body. Your inner voice is unique, and it is there to simply guide YOU.


Wise woman, the world is waiting to hear you speak up. Your sensitivity is your greatest gift. So follow your intuition and respond to this calling. This is the moment to root deep into your core. Stand tall with both feet on the ground. Remember who you truly are. And shine your infinite light into the world. That is what EMBODIED LIGHTNESS truly means.






Intimate Relating

Layer #1 – 5-10 May 2019


Tantric Lifestyle

Layer #2 – 18-23 May 2019


The two layers hold an aspect that is connected to the core heart of Embodied Lightness. These layers are independent. There is no order within the layers. No need for pre-work, pre-knowledge, or pre-experience.



My support is available to you before, during and after the retreat. There will also be a secret Facebook group where all the women of the retreat will come together. Our Sisterhood Soul Tribe! This way we already get to know each other before we gather here in Peru. I will ensure that you feel safe and comfortable – that you feel heard and understood in all of your steps leading up to this retreat.



Register for both layers of Embodied Lightness and get an extra 20% discount! Register now for the early bird option, and get double discount that way!



Early Bird: $888

Before 1st of February 2019


Second Phase: $999

Before 1st of March 2019


Third Phase: $1111

After 1st of March 2019


Maximum participants is 10 women. So be quick and reserve your spot now! Go to the registration page to check out the details. It is important that you read the terms and conditions, to ensure absolute clarity.


After sign up you will receive additional information to help you in all the preparations necessary for your journey in Peru.




  • Three fresh meals a day. Served with Love
  • Welcome lunch on the day of arrival
  • Final lunch on departure day
  • Comfortable, spacious rooms decorated in traditional Peruvian style
  • In the standard booking you will be sharing the accommodation
  • Please ask for an upgrade if you desire your own private room
  • The trips to sacred sights outside the retreat location are included
  • Sweatlodge, ceremonies, medicinal herbs are included



  • Your flight to Peru
  • Your bus or taxi ride to the retreat center
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance
  • Individual healing sessions by Nalaya during the retreat (this is optional in the free time that is provided for integration and relaxation)
  • Massage or other healing services
  • Trips to sacred sights outside of the retreat program
  • Upgrade to have your own private room
  • Laundry



I have been working with women for over 8 years now. I believe my work to be a divine expression of who I am in my essence. What I offer is an alchemy between my greatest passions and being of service.


I am here to guide you into your transformation and self-actualization. To guide you into hearing your own inner guidance loud and clear. It brings me so much joy to be a supporting factor for women in their evolution of trust. To hold space for you as you begin to embody your lightness.


It is such a blessing to do this powerful work here in the Sacred Valley of Peru. This is my Home, the place where my roots are settled deep into the Earth. After 11 years of living the nomadic lifestyle, I have developed a great sensitivity to vibration. Especially how resonance is emanating from the Earth and nature, and how to tap into these fields to feel connected.


That is what we will be doing here. Diving into the sacredness of the elements around, so you can find truth in the sacredness that is alive inside you. The sacredness of your body and Womb. This is the place from with you truly get to embody your lightness – your feminine intuition, the power of your cycle, your sacred sexuality, creative life force energy, your sensual soul self…


I was raised in different continents and countries – and literally have been traveling since birth. I grew up multi-culutral and multi-lingual, and learnt to see the world as a borderless unity in which all differences are interconnected.


I believe this truly to be the greatest gift of my upbringing – the ability to bridge cultures, the ability to truly meet people soul-to-soul, regardless of their background or social influence.


I am highly sensitive to sound, vibration, language, words and the truth that an individual carries. I am gifted with the ability to see your potential and it’s my job to guide you to that place. This requires a sense of safety to let go of what is stopping the fulness of your being from being lived. It requires a clear guidance to get you to feel the trust that you have the right to embody all of your greatness – embody all of your lightness.


I believe there to be many paths that guide us into self-actualization. My path has been the one of shamanism and womb wisdom. And so this is what I pass on to you. How to use the elements to feel connected to the wholeness of who you are. And how to dive deep into your womb, to understand the sacredness of your feminine essence that is guiding your every step.


I am here now due to my worldly upbringing, my life’s experiences, self-healing journeys, difficulties, challenges and the teachings that have come through love and connection. I am here now, in full embodiment of my lightness, with love passing on the wisdom that I know is going to benefit your life and awakening.

Photography credit goes out to talent artist Miguel Palomino García.

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