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Tantric Lifestyle – Program



SATURDAY – 18th of May


11AM Opening Sacred Space
Together we open the sacred space for this gathering with a Heart activation meditation. Afterward everyone will introduce themselves and share their intention for this coming week.


12AM Making Home
Choose your room and explore the gorgeous land we get to call home for this coming week. We are surrounded by mountains and a powerful river. There are many natural spots to explore as well as the temple space in the middle of the center.


1PM Lunch


3PM Creating the altar together
Together we will build a mandala made from abundant fresh flowers. You may bring a special object to place in the altar if you wish. The altar will be the anchor of our work and will hold the resonance of our inter-connected personal intentions.


4PM Connection
Tantric Lifestyle starts here. Through gentle exercises we explore connection. What is it that you need to feel connected to the group? What can we offer to create a safe space of intimacy in this precious circle of women.


5PM Shamanic Walk
A Shamanic walk is a meditative walk in which you set an intention or open up to a question being answered. Open your eyes, your ears, your smell and touch. Expand your awareness through your senses and watch how nature responds. Receive clarity through the plants, trees, mountains, birds, and anything unexpected you may encounter.


7PM Dinner
During our first dinner we will initiate our first “Yoni Talks”. These are deliberate open conversations on intimate topics. Together we create a safe space for everyone to share their experiences, interpretations or questions. Tonights topic: “Your Connection to Intimacy”.


8.30PM Starry Sky
In the evening we gather around the fire. To relax and watch the stars. A simple moment of connection and sharing. To chat and make music.

SUNDAY – 19th of May


8AM Kundalini Yoga for Pelvic Balance
Our beloved Petra Shakti Kaur will be offering this very special Kundalini Yoga class which is focused on opening the connection to your pelvic area – allowing you to awaken more energy and potency. This is the perfect start of this journey into “Tantric Lifestyle”. The official name of this class is “Narayan Kriya”. Petra will explain all about it during this beautiful 2 hour class which includes: warming up, yoga, pranayama (breath work) and meditation.


10AM Breakfast
Yoni Talks: Power of Attraction 
How have you used or abused your attraction as a woman? And when did you run away from your attraction (therefore your expansion) due to your over sensitivity?


11.30PM Visiting Sacred Sight
The exploration of your femininity, sensitivity and expansion will happen at a very powerful sacred sight. The energy of this place will assist us in connecting more deeply from within.


12.30PM Womb Wisdom Activation
Your womb is your centre of femininity, sexuality and creation. The deeper your connection is to your womb, the more empowered you will feel by your softness, your ability to receive, and the abstract ways in which your intuition guides you.


Through a very profound guided meditation, you will dive into deeper layers of your womb. This morning you will activate your womb connection, so that all your answers throughout the day will rise from this place within you.


1.30PM Lunch – Picnic in Nature


3PM Return to Centre


4PM Embrace Your Inner Feminine
You are a unique woman with a unique connection to your femininity. Define for yourself what “femininity” means, and what you need to embrace this in totality. Only you have those answers.


There are many qualities to the feminine. One is “receiving”. This is a power that is highly underestimated. Today we are softly touching upon this power, and later on in the week we take it a few steps further.


5PM Womb Blessing – Water Ritual
In this beautiful womb blessing, you release all negative energies connected to your feminine ancestral lineage. This is your opportunity to release any unnecessary weight and responsibility that you are carrying.


Releasing Guilt
Guilt is very deeply connected to the feminine. A woman is expected this, should behave as such, dress like this. The instructions of what is a good or beautiful woman are so contradictory that all of us, sooner than later, feel like we have done something wrong. You’re either too much of a saint or too slutty.


Honouring the Feminine
Your womb is a place of wisdom, your portal of creation and sexuality. This is the temple where your feminine energies reside. Through this blessing you refresh and renew your vows to yourself. Align yourself with your higher self and the core values you live by. Awakening new layers of self-love, self-respect, and compassion.


7PM Dinner


8PM Yoni Steam
The ritual of yoni (vaginal/womb) steaming has been practiced in all corners of the world. It is a deep healing experience on all levels of existence: emotional, spiritual, sexual and physical. Besides the medicinal aspect, it is my absolute favourite self-love practice. A beautiful ritual to honour and love your body, your yoni, your temple.

MONDAY – 20th of May


8AM Tantric Breathing
This very simple yet powerful breathing technique knows different stages. On this morning we begin with the first stage of activation. We will gently move the tantric forces through the chakra system to activate your self-healing abilities and clear your kundalini channel.


Together with Petra, we will be exploring a variety of breath techniques that serve different purposes. Either activating higher chakra centers or lower chakra centers. Exploring the differences, and getting a wide variety of tools you can use for different purposes.


9AM Breakfast
Yoni Talks: The Masculine

What is your relation to the masculine? In men? And to your own masculine energy?


11AM Embrace the Inner Masculine
When did you dim your light to allow the other to shine? When did you feel you were too loud, too much, too great, too expanded? What does it mean to express your inner masculine in a healthy way. One that isn’t competing, nor avoiding competition?


Today we embrace: boundaries of respect, sense of direction, structure, decisiveness, and all the countless beautiful qualities of the inner masculine that want to be seen. Be courage and dare to attract through the purity of your intention and trust in the response of life itself.


12PM Orgasmic Manifestation
Here we will focus on both the “Lingam Consciouness” (masculine tantric principle) and the “Yoni Consciousness” (feminine tantric principle) and how to activate both through your orgasmic force to allow the wholeness of your creative forces to flow through you


Sexuality knows different layers, and when you truly start making love to life, the diverse layers of ecstatic as well as subtle pleasures will ripple out into all areas of your life. Including all your intimate relationships.


1PM Lunch


3PM Releasing Shame

When did you suppress your feelings, your truth or any aspect of yourself? When did shame cover your authentic self? How is shame preventing your sexual expansion? Today we release shame with the intention of liberation. See where your behavioural patterns originate from – to know the root, is to know how to transcend this limiting pattern.


A sense of freedom is essential to allow your tantric energies to flow. Today we release all energies from that past, that are preventing you to expand into your totality. In absolute freedom of expression. Recognise and release the shame connected to the masculine within.


Embrace your self-worth, your confidence, and your shameless expression of self.


4PM Love Your Body Ceremony
A beautiful ceremony of self-appreciation, self-acceptance, self-respect and self-love. Here we create a safe space to acknowledge and be acknowledged. To listen and be heard. To see and be seen. Here we elevate the vibration by truly shining the light on that which already is bright. This is embodied lightness.


6.30PM Dinner


8PM Fire Ritual – Honouring the Masculine
Fire is a very powerful force of transformation. Through a fire ritual you get the opportunity to burn away all that is not serving you. By doing so, you create space. Space that is ready to be filled with acceptance, forgiveness, compassion and gratitude.


May the fire guide you into truly honouring the masculine. The masculine inside, as well as the men you are connected to in your life.

TUESDAY – 21st of May


9.30AM Breakfast
Yoni Talks: Embrace Your Shadow
Understanding your shadow is the key to growth and transformation. When you shine light on your shadow, you take away its power and can actually can to become empowered by it.


10.30AM Taxi to Location


11AM-4PM Sweatlodge – Rebirthing Ceremony
The sweat lodge is a very profound ancient ceremony that is connected to various tribal traditions all over the world. The sweat lodge (or Temazcal) is considered to be the womb of the Earth. Together we will enter this intimate space to sweat, to release, to pray, to sing and to essentially renew yourself to that you can truly invite the new.


My dear sister Leticia will be guiding the sweatlodge. She is a Moon dancer and very dedicated to the path of medicine and healing. She holds space with the utmost care and presence.


This ceremony represents the centre of this retreat. From all the release and insight you have won over the last few days, we now shift our focus into lightness, celebration and embodiment of love.


6PM Dinner
During dinner we will have a sharing circle.


Free Evening

WEDNESDAY – 22nd of May


8AM Kundalini Yoga – Into the Heart
Petra will guide us in another special Kandalini Yoga session. This time it will be focused on heart opening, liberation, trust and deep sense of connection from within. This day is symbolised by the heart – the centre of your being. The place where the masculine and feminine unite. The key secret to tantra resides here, as the heart determines your true ability to make love with life.


10AM Breakfast
Yoni Talks: Trust versus Expectancy
How does expectancy limit a true sense of trust? How does it influence your relationship dynamics? How do you wish to invite trust into your life and what does that require from your behaviour?


12PM Cacao Ceremony

The theme of the cacao ceremony is “Trust”. Without trust you cannot make love to life. Trust is the key element to growth, expansion and inviting more lightness, laughter and pleasure into your life. It goes hand-in-hand with self-acknowledgement, respect and worthiness.


Become aware of all that you bring to the lives of other – just by being you. Recognise yourself, the quality of your presence and wisdom. And embody more of your self-love, allowing this to be the gateway to invite more goodness into your life.


1PM Kundalini as Healing Force
Your kundalini life force energy has diverse inter-connected layers. It is your sexual energy, your creative energy with which you can manifest, and it also holds a healing potential.


2PM Small Break
Fruits and snacks are available throughout the cacao ceremony. To accommodate the power of the medicinal aspect of cacao, we will only eat light throughout the day, until dinner time.


3PM Continuation of Cacao Ceremony
This part of the ceremony I want to keep mysterious. All I can say is: it is beautiful, intimate and liberating. In a fun and creative way you are going to connect more deeply with yourself, your sexuality and the intelligence of your body.


6PM Kundalini Dance
Wake up your kundalini through dance. Connect with this energy in a playful and dynamic way. This very grounding dance will allow you to connect to your body, as well as activate your life force energy. Have fun, and explore the diverse faces of your sensuality and sexuality in this liberating dance.


7PM Dinner


8PM Shamanic Drumming Journey
Fall into trance through the rhythm of the drumming. This is an ancient shamanic practice. A very powerful way to be guided inwards, on a spiritual journey. Here you will find answers to some of your most intimate questions.

THURSDAY – 23rd of May


8AM Breakfast
Yoni Talks: Self-Love
What is a memorable event in your life in which you tangibly felt your self-love rise to the next level? What is one of the key insights you received yesterday during the cacao ceremony? One that you will take home and nourish even further.


10AM Andean Offering at Sacred Place with Native Medicine Woman
In the ancient traditions here in Peru, offerings are a way of connecting to the divine. It is a moment to connect to the timeless space of presence. To utilise the elements as a way of empowering your intentions to be heard


Today we will go to a sacred sight together with a native medicine woman who is very dear to me. She walks her path in love, and will share with us tangible knowledge about the Andean tradition that you can easily implement into your life.


The intention for this offering is: empowerment, upliftment and envisioning. This is where we get to connect to our greatness and recognise the readiness for deep intimacy with life at large. By allowing others to witness our prayers, we amplify its power.


1PM Lunch Picnic in Nature


2PM Return to Centre


3PM Closing Sacred Space
Together we close the sacred space for this gathering. In any shamanic tradition or ceremony it is highly important to be aware of “opening” and “closing” space. This will allow full circle to occur on an energetic level from within. This allows for full integration, ease and lightness after you return home.


This is our final sharing circle in which we get to give thanks to ourselves, the other women present, and all the jewels of wisdom we have received through this intimate space of co-creation.


What is the greatest jewel of wisdom you have received this week? In what areas of your life do you feel a deep embodiment of trust? What commitment are you going to make to yourself when you go home?


5PM Going Home

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