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Empower Your Vagina

Empower Your Vagina

Improving your vaginal muscle strength isn’t just for women after birth, nor is it just for women later in life – it is for every vagina of every age and size. Taking care of your vagina is important for health, sex and menstruation. Here in this article I will share with you the top three reasons to start doing Yoni exercises RIGHT NOW. Exercise has never felt so good, trust me!


Many women don’t know the benefits of Yoni exercises (also known as Kegel exercises) – which basically means clenching and releasing your vaginal muscles to help to strengthen them. Not only do I wish to share the benefits with you so you can improve your health and sex-life, I also feel it is essential for women to get more intimate with their private parts, especially when they are using the Eve Cup or another brand of menstrual cup.


Femfulness came to life in 2011 and since then I have had hundreds and hundreds of very intimate conversations with women from all over the world. Many of us hold chronic tension in the vagina due to stress, trauma or protection. This makes it sometimes difficult for the Eve Cup to open up inside. And on the other hand there are women who’s muscles have loosened over time (due to giving birth or other reasons) who can benefit from these exercises to strengthen their muscles and therefore prevent leakage with the cup.



Yoni exercises are very beautiful and powerful exercises that will not just allow you to connect with your female parts on a more intimate level, but will also help you feel more relaxed during menstruation and more sexy during love-making…




Your pelvic floor muscles don’t really get the recognition they deserve. They do some pretty useful things; they keep your vagina in place, help with childbirth and stop you peeing your pants. The deeper our connection is with our sexual organs, the deeper our intuition will grow. Whether you choose to deepen your wisdom through exploring Taoism or Tantra, or simply by connecting deeper with your menstruation or overal power center that is activated through sexual energy, a particular kind of sensitivity is activated. This sensitivity allows us to deepen our intuition and understand deeper messages from within.



For Eve Cup users (and other menstrual cup users), you have been giving your Yoni muscles a workout every month, and you may not have even noticed. The muscles you use to insert your cup into the correct place, or use to push down when removing are the very same pelvic floor muscles, and training them will make a menstrual cup even easier to use. Some women also find that Yoni exercises can relieve painful period cramps.



The rhythmic clenching and releasing you do when exercising your Yoni muscles is just the same as the contractions you experience during orgasm. The stronger your muscles become, the more intense your orgasms will be. Toning your vaginal muscles can also give you a tighter ‘grip’ during sex. You can also start making the Yoni exercises whilst making love – this will intensify every sensation and will allow you to extend and ‘control’ your orgasm. Easy exercise, better sex and hotter orgasms! Wow, it’s a total win-win in this game.


Yoni Exercises are Simple

More good news, Yoni exercises are actually really simple to do. My suggestion is: do it for a few minutes just before you fall asleep, and a few minutes as you wake up. Do it in bed where you are comfortable in your own private space. It is important to give equal attention to the squeeze as well as the release. The squeeze (tightening of the muscles) you make on an inhalation. And the release (opening and relaxing) you do on an exhalation. This is a very meditative way of connecting with this exercise and you can go on for as long as it feels good.


It is important to find the pelvic floor muscle and not to tense your bottom, thighs or stomach muscles when doing the exercises. For your first attempt at locating the pelvic floor muscle, you may need to insert a finger inside your vagina and ‘squeeze’, ‘clench’ or ‘pull-in’ your pelvic muscles. Your vagina should tighten and the pelvic floor muscle should move upwards. Make sure you are breathing normally and not holding your breath. Relax the muscle and return to your starting position.


  1. Lie, sit or stand and contract the pelvic floor muscle.
  2. Long contraction: Contact the pelvic floor muscles and hold for 10 seconds then relax for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times in a row. Your pelvic muscles may need some time to build up to 10 seconds so you may wish to start with 3 second contractions and 3 second relaxations.
  3. Elevator: Imagine your vagina as an elevator shaft with four floors. Contract the muscles slightly and stop at each level, holding for 4 seconds then release the muscles slightly stopping at each level and holding 4 seconds. Repeat 10 times in a row.
  4. Quick flicks: Tighten the pelvic muscles quickly and immediately relax them 10 times in a row.



Watch this empowering video for deeper understanding:

Leakage Tips Menstrual Cup

The Eve Cup is designed to be worn as low as is comfortably possible in the vagina. For some women this means: low enough, and yet high enough so the entire stem is inside and you do not feel the stem. For other women this means: the Eve Cup comes down to the point that you may need to trim the stem gradually (or cut the stem completely) if any of it is sticking out of the vagina, or causing soreness/discomfort. I have designed the stem to be a little longer to account for women’s differing length vaginas. When you go to any of the Eve Cup information pages on the website, you will see different language flags in the top right corner (including English). When you click on it you can download the information guide in your language in PDF. There are different reasons why leaking could occur.


Leakage Due to Positioning

The most common cause of leakage is positioning the Eve Cup too high. The base of the Eve Cup (or the stem if any is still attached) should sit just inside the vagina, about the depth of a whole finger nail. If you are positioning the Eve Cup correctly low in the vagina but finding it is rising up or moving around, check the guidelines below – for they will then be the reason for leakage.


Leakage Due to Poor Seal-Formation

The Eve Cup works by creating a light seal with the wall of the vagina. If an adequate seal does not form, your Eve Cup may move up or down and blood may leak around the outside of the Eve Cup and out of the vagina. The following tips can help to rectify this problem:
• When you insert the Eve Cup, tense around the Eve Cup with your vaginal muscles a few times, this will encourage it to stay in place and to form a seal.
• Another option is to try twisting the Eve Cup a few times once you think you have the correct position. When you are able to turn the cup you know it is entirely open and in the right place.


Reduced Pelvic Floor Tone

There are different reasons, aside from childbrith, why your pelvic floor tone may be reduced. Ageing and being overweight can also affect these muscles along with certain other conditions. Reduced pelvic floor tone may prevent the Eve Cup from being held properly in place by the vaginal wall causing blood to escape around the outside of the Eve Cup and out of the vagina. Reduced pelvic floor tone can be recognised by occasional leaks of urine when sneezing, laughing or coughing and remedied by pelvic floor exercises (see instructions above).


Pelvic Floor is Too Tight

There are many reasons why the muscles in your vagina can be too tight. In my experience as a Women’s Health Coach I have noticed how very sensitive women can have the tendency to hold their muscles almost chronically as a way of protecting themselves. This protection can be from unwanted sexual attention or any other unwanted energy for that matter. This tightening as a result of protection, can also come due to trauma of the past (sexual trauma or other kinds of traumas related to invasion). 
However, it does not always need to be the case. It is also very possible that you are a yogini and use the Mula Bandha a lot during your yoga practice. Or, that you are already familiar wil Yoni exercises or have already been practicing with the Jade Egg. In some cases the emphasis is put a little too much on tightening and strengthening, and very little attention is given to releasing and relaxing of those muscles. In this case it is possible that you hold too much tension in your vagina which does not allow the Eve Cup to fully expand when inserted. Please do the exercises described above and focus on the exhalation and the releasing of these muscles.



Empower Your Yoni

Yoni exercises are very beautiful and powerful exercises that will not just allow you to connect with your female parts on a more intimate level, but will also help you feel more relaxed during menstruation and more sexy during love-making. When you make the shift to using the Eve Cup, you are also making the shift to understanding your vagina in more detail. We are all designed differently and all need different things. By tapping into these intimate areas, we activate a different kind of intuition – one that is unique to women. I wish to encourage you to take these steps, practice these exercises and feel the empowerment that comes with this on so many levels.


With Love,

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