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Care & Hygiene

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It is very important to keep good hygiene during your menstruation. Taking care of the Eve Cup is easy. Please have a look at the instructions given below. It is just a matter of changing habits. Once you have the hang of it, it will simply be part of you monthly routine.


Boiling the Eve Cup
It is only necessary to boil the Eve Cup on the first day of your menstruation, before you start using it. The culture of good bacterias inside your vagina will keep the Eve Cup clean the entire duration of your period. Boiling is the easiest way of sterilizing, and is done by putting the Eve Cup in a pan of boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Any bacteria and filth will be removed in this short time. At the end of your menstruation, you wash it again before putting it away.


Alternative Ways of Sterilizing
The alternative ways of sterilizing can be used when you are traveling, camping or when you are not near a kitchen when your period comes. As the Eve Cup will be inserted inside, it is important to only use natural products to clean it. You can either use a natural soap or you can put it in a glass of clean water with some drops of Tea Tree oil or Lavender oil (these oils have antiseptic properties). Let it soak for at least half an hour. Always make sure any residue is washed away before using the Eve Cup. At the end of your menstruation, you wash it again before putting it away.


Natural pH
It is only necessary to thoroughly sterilize the Eve Cup on the first day of your menstruation. If your period is longer than five days, you can choose to boil it once more. During your period the culture of good bacteria inside your vagina will keep the Eve Cup clean. This culture is a group of  bacteria (similar as your intestine flora) that naturally keeps the pH of you vagina in harmony. Since the Eve Cup collects the blood and does not absorb it like tampons, this natural harmony is maintained. The absorbent function of tampons disturbs this culture excessively.


Emptying the Eve Cup
On average a woman will empty the Eve Cup two to three times daily. In the beginning you can choose to do this more frequently to check how often it is needed. Every woman is different. You might even be surprised how little blood you actually loose once you can see it in the cup. You can simply empty your menstrual fluids in the toilet or washbasin. You can also choose to put it on the Earth in your garden, as the blood holds many nutrients that help plants grow. Offer your sacred fluids with a prayer of intention. It is a very simple and powerful way to align yourself with what you wish to release.


When you wash or rinse the Eve Cup, it is important to use cold water. The combination of warm water and blood can cause stains on the silicone. Cold water allows the blood to wash away quickly. If there is no tap with running water near the toilet, you can use a bottle with clean water or toilet paper as an alternative.


Keeping the Eve Cup inside
There are no risks involved in keeping the Eve Cup in for a longer period of time. The medical grade silicone is a material that cannot be absorbed into the bloodstream and will not disturb the natural pH levels of your vagina. It is simply sits there. It is absolutely safe to keep it in for 12 hours. The Eve Cup can easily be worn during travels, swimming, exercise and sleeping.


Storing and Safekeeping
After cleaning the Eve Cup at the end of your menstruation, it is best to keep it in the cotton bag you received with your purchase. In this bag it will stay clean and dry, ready for the next period. Do not keep the Eve Cup in a plastic or any sealed bag. Fresh air prevents fungus to grow.

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