Models & Sizes


Models & Sizes


The Eve Cup is available in two different sizes and three different colours: transparent, pink and purple. In the chart below you will find an overview of which model is best suitable for which woman. The world is not as black-and-white as the division in the chart. So tune in with your intuition, and you will feel which cup is best for you. You know your body best – choosing the right cup is a personal decision.

Model 1:
Diameter 40mm;
Length 46mm;
Length of stem 19mm;
Volume 15,5ml

Model 2:
Diameter 46mm;
Length 53mm;
Length of stem 13mm;
Volume 26ml

Younger than 30 years*
Older than 30 years*
Mother through natural birth*
Mother through caesarean*
Heavy flow*
Light flow*
Active woman (sports)*
Asian women, teenagers and/or small anatomical bodily features*
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