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Words from the Yoni


Women from all over the world are already using the Eve Cup. Have a look at some of the testimonials below. If you feel inspired, you are more than welcome to share your experience. Your personal story will be added to this page and can remain anonymous if you prefer. Please send your experience to with the subject ‘My Testimonial’. It would be great if you can include a picture of your beautiful belly, like the ones you see below.




Eve cup, menstrual cup, menstruation, period, femfulness, woman, care, productMascha (37) – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Just comfortable

After I had my second child a lot changed in my body. Naturally the body finds a new balance in hormones after giving birth, and also when stepping into a new life phase. I understand this will again change in the future. For several years now my menstruation has been very intense. It will last for about ten days and I will feel very tired during that time, accompanied by belly and back pain. The amount of tampons and pads I was using every month is tremendous. This not only makes it quite expensive for me, but it simply does not feel right to stop the flow by absorbing the blood.


From the moment I started to use the Eve Cup the feelings I have in regards to menstruation have changed a lot. I am now a lot more conscious of what actually goes on in my body as I am more in contact with myself during those days. The amount of blood appears to be far less than the illusion tampons portrait. And also I feel the cramps have lessened. The idea of allowing the flow to be collected instead of absorbed, really fits better with what nature intended. Of course the days of my menstruation are still intense – it is impossible to take all the discomfort away simply by using this little cup – but it has definitely made my period more convenient.


I choose to clean the Eve Cup a little extra, since my menstruation has a length of ten days. This extra chore only takes a little while to get used to; it takes hardly any effort. The contact with my own blood is nothing to be afraid of after all I’ve seen as a mother. If you can care for others, and for your children, you’ll definitely be able to care for yourself.



Eve cup, menstrual cup, menstruation, period, femfulness, woman, care, productNynke (24) – Rotterdam, The Netherlands
My period became personal again

Two years ago I was dealing with an extremely irregular menstrual cycle. I went to see various specialists to find some answers; I got acupuncture and was using homeopathic herbs. By searching on the internet I stumbled upon the Eve Cup. I learnt that many aspects can influence an irregular cycle: from diet, to emotional trauma’s, but also by using tampons, since they are filled with chemicals that are absorbed into the body.


From the first moment I started using the Eve Cup I was sold and felt this great desire to inform all the women around me about this easy little cup. I feel I’ve gotten to know my body a lot better now that the personal care has really become personal. Perhaps you need to miss your menstruation to learn how to love it. Now I actually feel pride when I’m in the kitchen sterilizing my cup. I am happy that I got rid of the tampons, and have come back to a regular cycle. There are things I realised which never crossed my mind before, like how effortlessly I’m reducing so much waste now. The Eve Cup has become part of my routine. I see it as brushing my teeth, the only difference is that this is periodical.



Eve cup, menstrual cup, menstruation, period, femfulness, woman, care, productAnonymous (26) – Utrecht, The Netherlands
Always there, even for unexpected periods

My sister gave me the Eve Cup as a gift for my birthday. If she hadn’t, it would have taken me a long time to discover this even exists. The timing to start using the cup was just perfect. I had been taking the birth-control-pill for years; it was one with a very low level of hormones that never had given me any troubles or side effects. However, about a year ago I started to have serious bleedings, even when I was not supposed to have my menstruation. It was difficult for me to feel it coming and to know how long it would last. It really worried me at the time.


The Eve Cup was really ideal for this. I would always carry it with me; clean and ready to use. It can collect far more fluids and is safe to keep in for a longer time, which was very reassuring then. It took me a little while to get used to the idea of having a cup inside. Luckily I had no troubles inserting and I never leaked either, I guess it was just a mental issue that scared me a little.


That insecure phase has luckily passed. I now carry an IVU and my hormones have stabilised. Especially when I’m on holiday I’m happy with the Eve Cup. In the past I found it difficult to find good quality or reliable foreign tampons. And in Asia there are many places where they don’t even sell them. By using the Eve Cup I don’t need to think about all this hassle anymore. I’m very grateful.



Eve cup, menstrual cup, menstruation, period, femfulness, woman, care, productJolien (21) – Antwerp, Belgium
Great! Even for an active woman like me!

I am a graduate student in university and have a very active life. I enjoy sports and regularly go dancing in the weekends with my friends. Some of my female friends had recommended the menstrual cup to me quite some time ago, but I never pursued to buy one. Finally, during the summer break, I took the time to read through the information on this website and figured I may as well give it a try, seeing as it could save me a lot of money.


I have extremely heavy periods, severe cramps and I use an IUD. Once I started using the Eve Cup it was the simplicity of it and the security of not being able to leak that has lightened the way I feel about my menstruation. No leaking, no fuss, no discomfort. I will never go back to tampons! I didn’t believe it could be possible, but even my previously-crippling period pains have become much more bearable. The Eve Cup is comfortable and hygienic. I have no issues using it during festivals and other dance parties! I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend it!



Eve cup, menstrual cup, menstruation, period, femfulness, woman, care, productRia (26) – Cologne, Germany
Goodbye dryness and perfumes!

I only recently purchased the Eve Cup, and already wonder why it has taken me so long to do so. I have never been comfortable using tampons since it always felt bizarrely foreign to me. It was mainly the dry sensation inside that discouraged me to use them. So I stuck with pads. But, as many of us know, they’re not the best either. It was in particular the smell that made me dislike having periods. I recently discovered that both pads and tampons are perfumed and have all sorts of added chemicals (unless of course you buy the highly expensive organic ones). Nothing about this discovery pleased me; it is all going against the natural ways of a woman.


Once I heard about the menstrual cup, I immediately bought one and haven’t looked back since! The Eve Cup just sits there. The silicone is neutral and does not discourage the natural process that happens inside and does not give any dry sensations or funky smells. I don’t even feel it inside! I am proud to be a woman and to finally be more in touch with my period and body.



Eve cup, menstrual cup, menstruation, period, femfulness, woman, care, product

Marianne (28) – Harlem, The Netherlands
No more worries when travelling

I came across the Eve Cup while travelling in Asia. I had stuffed my bag full of tampons for the months to come, knowing there might not be any quality disposable products available in some of these countries. When I discovered the Eve Cup, I wish I had known before I left home! Initially I bought it to secure myself in case I wouldn’t have enough tampon-stock. I didn’t immediately feel confident to try it out. The first folding technique I tried wasn’t working for me and upset me tremendously. But the next month I tried again, with a different folding technique, and was successful! Once I got it, nothing could go wrong.


I am thrilled to know that I will never have to worry about these matters again when I go travelling. I have one, and this one will stay with me for a very long time!



Erica (26) – Austria
Living completely eco-friendly

I live in a community where we are extremely mindful about the environment. We grow our own food and continue to think of ways to expand our self-sufficient living. When I first moved here I was using organic tampons, but after some time found I was throwing away too much money. Literally. Some of my female-friends were using organic-cotton pads that they would wash. I tried it, but often felt reluctant to spend so much time washing them and found drying them on the washing-line in the garden a little embarrassing. For my birthday one of my friends gave me the Eve Cup. I was so thrilled for this eco-friendly little cup that needed little care and made my periods so much simpler! I feel more balanced since that day. Thank you!



Simone (22) – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Handiest Christmas gift ever

My mother bought me one for Christmas three years ago. It’s the handiest gift I’ve ever received!
I’m still using the same one and am very pleased. My periods have been easier ever since.



Stephanie (28) – Berlin, Germany
My extremely painful periods are of the past

All my life I’ve had extremely difficult periods. During my teenager-years it was even so bad that I would vomit from the pain during the night. I have tried countless ways of alleviating the discomfort and finally started using progesterone a week before my menstruation. Little did I know that the chemicals inside the tampons were affecting the pain during my cycle. I discovered this when I forgot to take the progesterone when I was on holiday; for the first time in my life felt no pain when my period came! I had already been using the Eve Cup for several months then, but never dared to get off the progesterone-pills. Now I know and I’m so grateful for this discovery. Finally I can have a healthy relationship with my body and not feel it is a horrible part of the womanly existence.



Ingaelle (34) – Reykjavik, Iceland
Clean & Candida-free

I’ve been a proud user of the menstrual cup for years now. Unfortunately I fell asleep once when I was cleaning it in the boiling water. The water continued to boil and an hour later it was done with. I hated going back to tampons while I was waiting for my new cup to arrive in the post. Please be aware ladies. You only need to boil it for several minutes. Regardless of this accident I still think boiling it is one of the safest ways of cleaning. In the past I used to sporadically get Candida (yeast infection). This was always very painful. Since the start of using the Eve Cup, this has never occurred again!


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