Nalaya | Fierce Fragility (poem)
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Fierce Fragility (poem)

Fierce Fragility (poem)

My greatest desire
Accompanied by an equal amount of resistance




To crumble in the arms of the other
To be deeply felt
And seen




A paradox within itself
As my greatest powers is found right there
The power to surrender
To trust
And let go


I could surrender to God and the Source within
I could surrender to myself, alone
In nature
In ceremony
In song


But when I surrender to you
And am witnessed by your gaze
Am held by your love
And am felt deep within
It simply takes me beyond


Beyond what I believe surrender means
Beyond the trust I think I know
Beyond the level of fragility I am comfortable with


It takes me beyond
You… take me beyond


Into the abyss of unconditionality
A very fragile essence
Where I get to breathe trust into wholeness
And dissolve back into one

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