Gaia Retreat 2017

Gaia Equinox Retreat 2017

Gathering 13 Women


We call in 13 women who hear the calling to heal our Mother Earth. We call in You; the Wild Woman who lives in complete alignment with her core values. The Priestess who understands the principles of Divine Masculinity and Divine Femininity and all that is sacred. We call in you, the Warrior, who has gone through many deep healing processes and understands the inter-dimensional and inter-connectedness of what healing actually means.


We all know it: Gaia, our Mother Earth, has been calling out to us. She is in serious need of Love and Healing. And who else to give it other than her own children? When Gaia cries, we all feel it deep in our being, whether we consciously acknowledge it or not. Let’s join our forces and allow the power of the collective to empower this healing journey. This work will create a ripple effect that will impact all the inhabitants on this planet.



This is our Earth, our Home and our Divine Mother.
When she heals, we all heal.


Together as 13 Goddesses we will embody the One. Collectively healing and transforming from the core of our Wombs. The womb – the center of creation, the center of femininity of wisdom and ancient knowledge. The Womb holds so many mysteries, for centuries people have fought against it. The time is now! In this moment we not only recognize its power, but properly utilize it for the healing beyond our own bodies and lives. Through our Wombs we heal our ancestral history and all that is connected to Life. Together we will dive into the dark infinity of healing potential that is held within the womb.




This is NOT a retreat in which you are the participant and we are the leaders. No, we stand in a circle – joined by our Hearts and our Wombs – equal in every single aspect of our Divine selves. We stand in a circle, acknowledging each others healing gifts, practices, tools and ideas. We all join in this moment of time to hear each other, and to be heard – to heal each other and to be healed.



” When Gaia cries, we all feel it deep in our being,
whether we consciously acknowledge it or not. Let’s join
our forces and allow the power of the collective to empower this
healing journey. This is our Earth, our Home and our Divine Mother.
When she heals, we all heal… “



  • You feel shivers run through your entire being after reading this
  • You are confident to host a workshop or ceremony for the group
  • You are deeply connected with the Earth and her magic
  • You possess the tools to assist those in need
  • You are strong within your vulnerability
  • You are connected with sacred rituals
  • You are empowered by Sisterhood

We work together as a team; each one finding a moment to hold space, and each one finding a moment to be held. We honor all that is sacred. We honor each other and find the flow that works for all.


The number 13 has been sacred always, for multiple reasons. One of them being the 13 cycles of the Moon in a year. And thus representing the 13 cycles of a woman’s menstrual cycle. As this retreat is cycling through an entire month, we will celebrate all the phases of Grandmother Moon and her wisdom that comes with each. It does not matter if your bleeding days are of the past, when you are connected to your womb, the Moon is inside you.

  • Sacred Rituals
  • Sacred plant works
  • Elemental work: Earth, Fire, Water Air
  • Ancestral clearing
  • Tantra and Taoism
  • Feminine and Masculine Energy
  • Private healing sessions
  • Dance and Voice expression
  • Yoni and Womb Healing

From March 15th – April 2nd 2017
This extended duration of time grants us the space for movement, travel, acclimatization (in high altitude regions of the Andean Mountains) as well as integration of our healing processes. Space and time are part of the medicine and they are important factors.

  • Arriving in Cusco – 3 days
    Opening circle & acclimatising to vibration of Peru
  • Equinox at Titicaca – 9 days
    Sacred Rituals for Pacha Mama & working with Divine Masculine and Feminine principles
  • New Moon at Chucuito – 3 days
    Ceremonies at very powerful sacred sites
  • Closing circle in Ollantaytambo – 3 days
    Coming back to the Sacred Valley to make full circle

This is a gathering of healers. We will come together to join our forces and heal our planet as well as ourselves. This is not a gathering based on profit. For sure we appreciate a voluntary donation. This donation is for all the energy and effort that goes into the organization, both beforehand and during our time together.

You can either choose to donate via bank transfer or PayPal. Simply click on “join us” and write us an email. We will directly send you further information and register you as one of the 13 Sacred Sisters of this magical gathering.



Gaia has asked us to join our hearts and our wombs in Peru, working at sacred sites, sacred locations, with all the sacred elements on this earth to create various forms of sacred ceremonies to allow the healing to occur in whatever form is necessary. Peru, the land of the Inca’s, the land where true spirituality is found in the connection with nature. In the connection with Pachamama.

The Kundalini of our planet has recently moved to the Peru/Bolivia border in Lake Titicaca, where its new mission is to usher in a feminine consciousness. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek the movement of the Earths Kundalini and the Rise of the Female Light, Lake Titicaca holds the feminine energy of the planet. Here lies all the knowledge of our ancestors. From Lemuria, Sirius, Pleydianen, Arcturianen, etc. Such a new energy set-up will acquaint us with the Face of the Goddess, the Face, that is, of God-the-Mother in all its expressions.





Yanu has gained a lot of knowledge in the field of personal growth and consciousness development through her own life experience. Initially Yanu started her work with people in the sports industry. Soon she discovered that her abilities went far beyond the human body. Once she trusted her ever-growing intuition and the deep healing her clients were receiving, Yanu began to accept the path as a healer.


Space is one of the most important aspects in her life. Space is what Yanu uses as a healing tool for integration, a way of sending unconditional love, and it is that which allows deep transformation to occur. Yanu is shameless in showing her vulnerability and sharing her raw experiences of transformation with those around her. “This is the only way we are able to connect with each other fully,” she says. “By sharing growth processes, we can find deep recognition and reflection – that which is necessary for our own development.”


Clients experience Yanu as an open, gentle and loving person. Yanu always operates from her intuition, purity and authenticity. With her integrity and non-judgement, she offers a sincere listening ear to her clients and their processes. She is able to assist, clarify and come with practical solutions and guidelines. All wrapped in love, equality and respect.


During her first Shamanic journey with Grandmother Ayahuasca Yanu received her spiritual name, Yanu Shewa. This was the initiation that guided Yanu into deeper aspects of her true and powerful self. Many new doors have been opened since this moment.





Nalaya organizes retreats, workshops, women’s circles and private sessions all over the world. Her purpose is to support women in becoming more intuitive, self-empowered and to stand strong in their true nature by tapping into their vulnerability with courage and shamelessness.


Due to Nalaya’s international upbringing, she has a multi-cultural perspective and understanding of life and living. In total she has had ten home-countries from which she gathered tools and knowledge which she integrates in her work and expressions. From 2010 to 2015 Nalaya was living in India and Asia where her spiritual journey deepened tremendously. Now she resides in South America where she is deepening her shamanic wisdom and abilities.


Nalaya is a very grounded and very sensitive being. Her own journey of healing from physical ailments guided her onto the path as a healer. She has experienced many up’s and down’s in her life and has integrated life’s wisdom through very tough experiences. Finally when she landed on the path of her purpose and accepted her expansiveness and ultra-sensitivity, this is when her life fell into alignment. This is when Nalaya understood her healing-gifts were meant for the assistance of others. Quite quickly she fell into her role as a guide, teacher and healer. This role is ever-growing and ever-surprising.


Nalaya is very passionate about: music, singing, meditation, yoga, sacred sexuality, tantrism, taoism, breath-work, nutrition, cooking, nature, spirit guides etc.

Deep gratitude to the talented artists who’s art we have used on this page:
Vincent Carree
Autumn Skye Morrison
– Photography by Nalaya

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