Shamanic Energy Healing


You are a unique person, with unique experiences, issues and needs. Therefore it can be very beneficial to commit to individual healing sessions that are constructed exactly to accommodate your current life’s situation. The beauty of getting a healing session is that it will always tap into your issue in a holistic manner – it will always have a positive effect on all of your inter-dimensional bodies: emotional, physical, sexual, psychological, spiritual. During these sessions we will approach your intentions in a holistic manner by connecting with the root cause of the issue. These clearings allow deep transformation to occur; bringing you into alignment with you higher-self as well as your body, heart and purpose.


Realise that your soul is the guide for our healing sessions. Your sincere openness and readiness is what allows deep transformation to occur. The words “heal” and “whole” come from the same root. To heal essentially means you have a desire to become whole again. When you work with me, I will ensure you will connect more deeply with your innate wisdom and healing abilities.

A commitment is one of the most powerful agreements you can make for yourself and your path. This is why I encourage the commitment to several sessions. Whether you feel to do the work with me or a different healer. What is important is that you allow the trust and respect to grow in this relationship. Only then can we really allow the deeper layers of the root cause to be cleared.


When it was time for me to wake up as a healer, it was as if my senses exploded into infinity. My channel was wide open and I had yet to discover how to use it properly. This caused me to be extremely hyper-sensitive and to receive a lot of information about the people around me. It was an excruciating time for me. I lived in isolation for the majority of those initial years. And I also dealt with many physical issues as well as depressions – due to receiving too much, and not clearing enough.

 My determination to heal and the courage to face myself, were the two keys that allowed me to spiral upwards. The journey of healing, intuition and guidance is a continuous process. I feel so grateful to be where I am now. I feel grounded and absolutely connected. I feel safe within my sensitivity, and empowered by using my intuition and senses for the healing tools they are meant to be. Moreover, I feel blessed to guide you through that same process of becoming empowered.


A shaman is a bridge between worlds. A ‘Shamanic Energy Healing’ will therefore ensure a clear connection between disconnected parts inside you. We aim for wholeness, interconnection, and inner clarity.


Since birth I have been travelling. I was brought up in different countries all over the world, and continued my nomadic lifestyle when I matured. My spiritual path got initiated in Canada, yet it really deepened whilst living in India – the powerful lands that became my home for 5 years.


India was my training ground: to die a spiritual death over and over again. To become an empty canvas to absorb the wisdom as a healer from previous lives. To learn how to heal my own body. And essentially to bring me onto my path of purpose.


When the wild waves finally settled for calmer waters, I knew it was time to go to South America to ground it all. The sacred ancient traditions of India and the Shamanism of South America can easily be bridged. They are complimentary, and can be woven into each other easily. Like the masculine and feminine, like the heaven and the earth – essentially there to empower this divine alchemy.


Now that I truly embody my wisdom and life’s experiences, I can see clearly how every step – since before I could walk – has guided me to be this bridge. To bridge worlds, traditions, and complimentary energies. Bridge, in order to create completion and wholeness. And essentially, to guide you into recognising what needs to be bridged inside you to heal.



A Shamanic Energy Healing from a distance is exactly the same as a session in the physical realm. I connect with your essence and your being in the exact same way as if you would be here with me. Often the clarity is even brighter by distance, simply because there is less interference. You are comfortable in your space, I am comfortable in my space – and this often allows us to sink a lot deeper into the healing.


When you book a session we will synchronise a moment in time that is suitable for both. On average a session is between 1,5 hours. I will ask you to tune in for the session. This is merely essential for your active contribution and commitment to your intentions. You can choose to tune in by meditating or by simply lying down and relaxing to soothing music. Some people prefer to receive the session whilst they are asleep. Dreams can be a very beautiful guide in understanding the release that is happening during the session. All depends on your preference.


Your intention is the arrow of light pointing exactly at that which seeks healing. The more you connect with it, the clearer your energy will respond within the session. During the session you simply relax. Meditative state, dream-state or any in-between-state are great spaces to reside in for more expansiveness and openness to receive. Pay attention to any physical sensations, memories, feelings and random thoughts. Anything that comes up before, during and after the session is relevant for your understanding and integration of the healing.



Your soul is the guide in this process. When the soul says full-heartedly “yes” to the healing process, very big unexpected releases can happen. Sometimes these grand transformations happen in times you would not even consider yourself ready. And yet your soul is clear about its readiness. On the other hand, it is also possible that certain healing processes need to approached with more sensitivity – removing layer by layer, to get to the root of the core-issue. The pace of each process is individual, depending on the openness and readiness.



I am an intuitive and open channel. After each session I will record for you the process of what we encountered. Some of the channeling come directly from my intuition and what I tangibly sensed during the session. And some of the information I record is beyond myself – this comes directly from the guides, masters and angels I work with. The information is always clear and easy to follow. The aim of this channeling is to help you integrate the work that has been done during the session. Many times the channeling will come with instructions of rituals and other exercises to fully work towards embodying your new empowerment. Integration is key for any healing work.



Every session includes: consultation by email, energy healing and holistic coaching for the integration afterwards. Depending on your necessities, nutritional advice will also be included. I love working with people who are authentically committed to their healing process and therefore commit to working together for several sessions. Support and guidance is offered in-between the sessions for deep integration. It is important to commit to our inner healing with courage and vulnerability. When we work together for multiple sessions, a trust and respect is established, allowing us to go much deeper as the sessions continue.



Throughout the years I have been initiated into different healing traditions. Although the style I use is completely unique these days. For five years I lived in India where I deepened my spiritual practice and understanding. Here I got initiated into the ‘Siddha Lineage’ and ‘Shaktipat’. I work with ancient healing techniques that have been used by the Siddha Guru’s for over 6000 years. Other initiations into ‘Shamanic Healing’ and ‘Light Work’ I received in The Netherlands and Europe. Currently I reside in Peru, South America, where I continuously deepen my understanding of the ancient traditions here in the Andean mountains. I open to hear the whispers of the sacred guardians and elemental spirits.



• Clearing Ancestral & Past-Life Blockages
• Awakening Intuition & Sensitivity
• Abundance & Self-Acceptance
• Finding Your Life-Purpose
Relationship, Sexuality & Love
• Feminine & Masculine Principles
• Hormonal Health & Womb Connection
• Assistance Before, During or After Pregnancy

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