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Healthy relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality are just as important to your health as the food you eat. It does not matter whether you approach me to solve an emotional issue or a physical one – we will always look at your life in a holistic way and create a suitable approach for you. Due to my international upbringing, I have a multi-cultural perspective and understanding of life and living. I have known twelve home-countries from which I have gathered tools and knowledge which I integrate into my work and expression. I utilize both ancient Indian and Asian knowledge as well as Western Science and Shamanism. Knock on my door for a session! Together we will find a way to help you understand the issue and take a holistic approach to supporting you on all levels in your life.


I see you. I hear you. I feel you. I do not need much information to understand the space that you are in. I am an active intuitive and highly connected with my guides. When you feel inspired to connect with me, a few lines in an email is sufficient. From there we can communicate to see how to proceed. I will always address you in a personal manner and look for the unique approach that your situation is asking for.


Together we will identify the issues that are holding you back from living in alignment and in clarity. Together we work towards eliminating all that is withholding from walking your purpose in an empowered way. I am here to encourage, inspire and motivate you into transformation.


I offer you presence and guidance in making positive changes that enable you to step into full alignment. When you are in alignment, you move through life more fluently. Pain and pleasure weave themselves into the endless spiral of life. Alignment does not mean you will be in eternal pleasure where pain does not exist, no, it simply means you learn to move with what life presents without getting stuck in either places. The aim of my guidance is to empower you so that you walk your path with more ease and grace.


When you feel called to work with me, we will look at all the inter-dimensional entanglements to the stagnation of energy you are experiencing. This can be emotional, spiritual, psychological or physical. They are all connected. We aim to pull out the root of the disturbance. The root can be connected to personal experiences in this life, and it can also have a tie with your ancestors, family-members and/or other karmatic ties such as past lives.

It is my task to guide you into recognising your own self-healing abilities. You are the reason you heal and you have the power to reach that state. To take responsibility means you have the ability to respond. In essence it implies you are authentically dedicated to your healing process and to your path of self-empowerment to allow the healing to occur.



By nature you are a rhythmic – like the cycles of the moon, you have your cycles too. Happy Healthy Hormones is not just another diet. It is a specific women’s health system that syncs with your unique rhythm. It’s time to feel energized again, it’s time to have regular, healthy periods, get pregnant, and/or have a better sex life.


Happy Healthy Hormones is an online course that supports the alignment of your health. Nutrition and holistic health are central in this approach. This program is here to support optimal digestion, hormonal balance, healthy immune system and nervous system. You will receive tools to cure root causes of any (chronic) hormonal issues.



It is my job to guide you into connecting more deeply with your intuition and the intelligence of your unique body. It is always helpful to work with the knowledge of nutrition and how the science of existence works. However, my approach is based on teaching you how to use the sensitivity of your body to profoundly connect with your higher self and higher wisdom. In essence I guide you to become your own empowered guide.


Working with food as a medicine has been a fascination of mine since I was in my teenage years. I would experiment with different diets and would endlessly research anything that caught my attention. Later in life I suffered from different ailments that asked me to put my knowledge into action. My belief system is clear: we are products of nature and therefore nature holds the cure.


My specialty is mainly focussed on the Endocrine system and how to harmonize the entire chain of the glandular system in the body – the hormonal system. Each main gland in the body is directly related to one of the seven chakra’s. This is where science meets spirituality. In my approach, I also include the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda which works with bringing the elements back into balance. This holistic approach of Ayurveda offers complete balance of the body, mind and spirit and harmony between all the constituents of life. As I have lived in India for 5 years, the knowledge and wisdom I integrate is both through study as my own life experience.


Women’s health and women empowerment are certainly more deeply related to my purpose in life, however, I do not exclude men or masculinity. Many of my clients have been men as well. They too have an Endocrine system that, for the most part, works in a similar way.

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FREE MEDITATION - Connect deeply with your divine feminine essence...

FREE MEDITATION - Connect deeply with your divine feminine essence...