Nalaya | Healing the Womb after Love: Green Clay Ritual
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Healing the Womb after Love: Green Clay Ritual

Healing the Womb after Love: Green Clay Ritual

Green clay is a compound of 60-80 pure trace minerals, fused together by heat in natural oxide forms and charged with a powerful electromagnetic energy and a strong negative ionic charge. This gives the clay a strong vacuum-like ability to capture and discharge the positively charged viruses, bacteria, parasites, molds, yeasts, infections and poisons from the body. I also believe it has the capacity to draw out negative traumatic emotions, thought forms, contracts and karmas embedded within the womb. The practice of working with this healing clay ritual would be a powerful tool to clear energetic debris after leaving an abusive relationship, and/or health-related gynecological disturbances and abnormalities.


Green clay is a catalyst that supports healing without dangerous side effects by providing activation energy to the body. Clay has been used by indigenous tribes since before recorded history and by animals going to natural clay deposits to self-medicate themselves when sick or injured. Clay is referred to as being alive or a living earth, can effect change through balancing, detoxifying, stimulating, alkalizing and exchanging of elements and energy.

Clearing Past Relationships

When a relationship ends, the woman is left carrying an energetic impression of her lover in the energetics of the womb. Whenever the internal liquids merge, a transfer of energy (emotional and physic) is passed and stored within the woman. Like a hall of records, this woman will continue to accumulate these energetic snaps shots of her lover, until she brings her awareness to the kinds of rituals and practices that can clear and empty her of the past.
The kinds of data that woman will being carrying is the heart/body/soul quality of the man in the moment of penetrative and/or oral sex, as well as deep meaningful kissing. These are the moments when the transfer gets made. And what is contained within that transfer is the vibrational quality of that man’s physical body (is he well, vibrant, fresh, or stagnant, unhealthy and ‘dis-eased’)? Also his emotional condition (is he open, loving, trusting and innocent, or angry, shut down and withdrawn?) Not forgetting his state of mind, (is he present, clear-headed and aware of what is happening, or elsewhere planning something, thinking about someone/thing else and confused?)
All of this needs to be considered. And it’s not only the partner we absorb, but the environment as well. Where are we making love? Is it a beautiful, clean sacred space when time is our own, and our bodies prepared and relaxed? Or is it someone’s else’s space, someone’s else’s bed, that is strewn with their belongings and time is rushed because you fear someone returning?
The womb records all of this. And to clear this we need to do ritual. Praying, meditating, breathing it away is not enough, we need to involve a physical element to make it real.
It is for these reasons that I share this incredibly powerful ritual with you. This was passed to me a few years ago by a woman who gave birth in a woodland to her stillborn child. This is the process she received as part of her healing journey.
This ritual involves making a green clay phallus that will get inserted into your yoni upon the land of a sacred site that is personal and special for you. As you sit cross legged upon the earth, the clay phallus will draw out toxins from the yoni/womb and draw them into the structure of the clay. The phallus needs to be small enough to be comfortable when sitting. It needs to be shaped in such a way that does not cause discomfort.
After the meditative aspect of sitting in sacred space upon the earth, with prayer, intention and breath, the green clay phallus would then be dispersed of, ideally in water.
The green clay phallus will also be union with the land, acting as a bridge between the worlds bringing healing resources to you from Mother Earth, and the elementals of the sacred site you have chosen.
All of this can be discreetly done by wearing a long wide skirt. When you sit down cross-legged, you can fold the skirt over your legs and to the unknowing eye, you will simply look like you are mediating should anyone cross your path.

How To Perform This Ritual:

What you will need: Green Clay, Organic Almond/Coconut Water and Rose Water
1) Chose a day that has meaning for you. Perhaps this would be a New Moon (inviting in) or a Full Moon (letting go). Become aware of everything involved. The setting as you mix the clay, the water you use (spring or mineral water), the bowl you mix in (not plastic), how you mix (ideally with your hands), where and how you bake the clay, and where you are going to sit upon the phallus. What you are wearing. How you hold yourself, your composure and intention.
Use organic products: Organic Green Clay and Organic Almond, or Coconut Oil.
2) Shape the clay to a comfortable fit. Its best to make a phallus of 6-10cm in length. It’s not about bigness, but insertion. All we need is for the phallus to be inside, and for us to be able to sit on it comfortably. Whilst shaping ask and pray for this phallus to be healing. Perhaps draw upon the Green Man to imbue his healing properties into your work.
Make sure your phallus is on a green clay base, so that it can rest upon the earth in a stable fashion. I suggest the base should be the size of a side dish, not dinner plate.
3) Bake the phallus. If you live in a hot environment, then leave outside in the sun to harden. Otherwise, place in the oven until hard.
4) Go to your sacred site with your oil. You need to lubricate the phallus before you sit on it with organic oil. Find your spot, settle yourself and sit upon the phallus. Stay here for around 30 minuyes or until you feel ‘it is done’. You are praying for healing, purifying, releasing, being healthy, being free of all cords, attachments, debris and karmas.
5) Come off the phallus and bring it to the water. Either stand and the side, or walk in as you offer your phallus in the water element for dissolution. Know that when you drop the clay into the water it will completely dissolve leaving no trace of its existence. See all the debris contained within the phallus completely dissolving.
Do NOT swim in the water where this is taking place. Leave the water along to do its business. Anoint the yoni with oil and rose water as a blessing and to rehydrate her. It Is Done.
Written by Anaiya Sophia

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