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Holy Grail

Holy Grail

I release all that is stopping me from fully launching myself nakedly into Trust. I release old attachments and old pains that prevent me from allowing my Light to shine always, no matter what circumstance I find myself in.


Here I stand with the Holy Grail in my hand, barefooted on the Earth, praying to my sacred juices – my blood. In gratitude to the wonder of this monthly release that is offering opportunity to set my intentions clearly. In gratitude to the wonder of what it means to connect with my Divine Feminine essence.


I offer my blood to the Earth, to this bush of blooming red flowers, as a gift of nourishment and life. May my prayers of release be heard and may the essence of my blood become the essence of new life, new opportunity. May these flowers bloom even brighter, and present themselves as a metaphor of what I invite into my life.


With every moon I let go. With every moon I create a space within my being to invite more Light and Love, to live in accordance and in alignment with my Truth and Purpose.


Aho Mitakuye Oyasin 

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