Nalaya | I dated God and got kicked out of heaven
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I dated God and got kicked out of heaven

I dated God and got kicked out of heaven

The mother archetype is the self-sacrificing element that is present in all women. Perhaps you have seen it in your own mother, or in mothers around you. You do not need to be a mother to understand that this element is inside you too. The mother is the one who will put her child’s needs before her own. She will assist this being in whatever it is that they need. She will manage her life, take care of all the details, and on top of that of course the details of her beloved. She will sacrifice her own plans and ideas for the sake of the plans and ideas of the other. The feminine element of water allows us to flow easily with the changing currents. It comes natural for us to mold into a new form and flow along. We often don’t even feel we adjust too much, or do too much, or give too much, until the moment comes that we realize our imbalance in our exhaustion.


Her beauty remained consistent. And yet because she forgot to see herself, pay attention to herself, and feed the balance of her own existence, she began to fade away…


Wake up in your awareness

Although we are sensitive, intuitive and empowered women, it is in these moments of over-sacrificing that the wounded-feminine steps in. She is the one not wanting to get in the way, not wanting to be of disturbance or interference. She wants to create harmony, and if that means adjusting, she is happy to do it.


When we wake up in our awareness, we take responsibility to see our actions and to choose differently. When we wake up in our awareness, we learn to see that we are the ones choosing in general. So take responsibility and see where you choose and how those choices affect your circumstances in life. Within the relationship you have with yourself, as well as the intimate relationships you have with your loved ones.


The teachings of intimacy

What I can say for myself is that this balance is quite easy for me within friendships and within the work that I do. I have no troubles setting my boundaries clear, I have no troubles telling people “no”. It is how I stand in my alignment with my inner truth and self-respect. In intimate relationships, however, it is a different story. I thought I had learnt, I thought I had overcome, but here I am again in a position of having over-sacrificed to the point of exhaustion.


Several times in my life I have moved to different countries for Love. Many times I have removed myself from all securities, plans and opportunities that life was offering, to follow my heart. Was this me sacrificing too much? Actually, I don’t think so. In all honesty I believe we all need to jump for Love when Love comes along. To find the courage to take big steps for Love is the most empowering thing we can do for the evolution of our souls and our understanding of Trust. Blind Trust. When we dare to jump like this, the universe conspires to assist us in the readjustments that are necessary for fulfillment in life.


Please, take my light

I am an independent and free woman. I have my online business and I give healing sessions and workshops all over the world. This freedom of being self-sufficient, self-empowered and always trusting that work and abundance is waiting for me, wherever I want to be, is offering me a lot of fluidity within my movements. Many times in my past I have moved along with the path of my man. I went where he was going and adjusted my inspiration for work to adjust the new situation I would find myself in.


On top of that, of course, I would be the best partner I could imagine myself to be. Helping him become more organized, become more abundant, more aligned with what is ready to be manifested into his life. I would listen to his issues, his occurrences in life, I would offer my guidance and wisdom freely. All in dedication to our Love and the balance of our togetherness.


What was I really doing here? Was this not the mother breastfeeding her child? Was this not the servant kissing the feet of God? Why did I allow his projects become more important than mine? Why did I feel I needed to dim my light to allow his to shine brighter?


In several moment of my personal history of relationships I have seen myself step out of the moment of magnetic opportunities, to adjust to the new. I have seen how my inspiration would split up in two – part of my inspiration going to his life and part going to mine. And that whilst I never received free offerings of inspiration from my partners. No, instead I was encouraging him with my behavior, to the extend that this trait became stronger and stronger. I started to date God, the most important being on this planet, the center of the universe.


His projects were priority, his emotional movements were priority, to have me listen to him became priority, and when he moved, it was only natural that I would move along. Right? Isn’t this how it is supposed to be going?


Where did the Goddess go?

In the beginning of our relationship he dated a woman, bright in her light, ultra-attractive and full with opportunities in her life. Her beauty remained consistent. And yet because she forgot to see herself, pay attention to herself, and feed the balance of her own existence, she began to fade away. So much that he essentially forgot to put her in his priority, for she had become invisible.


So where does it all begin? Does God create the servant, so that he can empower his movements? Or does the servant create God, so that she has a job to fulfill with her overflowing abilities and Love?


All we essentially can do in life is take responsibility for our own actions and choices. We all enter this world with karma and life-lessons to overcome. Some karma is connected to your individual soul, some of is connected to your ancestral line, and some is collective – just like this collective feminine-wound we are addressing here and now. To understand our karma is the beginning of healing. It gives us opportunity to take a stand – in the most loving, humble and self-nourishing way – we become the example of what we wish to learn. This effect ripples out into the wold around us and touches our most intimate connections.


Do you want to be in heaven or not?

When you see yourself, he sees you. When you feed your light, he automatically will want to do that too. When you learn that there are many Gods and Goddesses, you will see that nobody needs to become anyone’s servant. When we operate together in equality, and dare to remain stable in our Divine inner-presence, that is when true harmony arises in a relationship.


To be selfish does not mean to be selfish. It means you simply are filled with self-recognition and self-love, to the extend that you have learnt that Love does not imply to sacrifice. To find balance does not mean to over-give and over-do for another. Never dim your light to suite your surroundings. Know that Light feeds Light, and Love feeds Love. Know that the extend of this light is infinite – there is enough for everyone, everywhere. Nobody can kick you out of your Heaven, except yourself.


So shine sister, shine!

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