Nalaya | I was 16 + Ready for Marriage
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I was 16 + Ready for Marriage

I was 16 + Ready for Marriage



He wasn’t my first, but he was definitely my first true love. We met in the supermarket where we both worked at the time. He had already developed a crush on me before I even noticed him. Months had passed before he dared to ask me out. He had a soft nature, compassionate grey-green eyes, and loved to make silly jokes. So of course I said yes.


From there onwards it went very fast. Every chance we got we would spend with each other. Until one day we decided it was time to move in together.


I remember being so nervous to ask my parents. One night, after dinner, I finally did. And by surprise their reaction was extremely positive. I remember the words of my dad, “Oh, wasn’t that about the age that we moved in together love?” as he looked at my mother.


And so it happened.
I was 17, he was 19, we found an apartment. And that was that.


When I was a child – from before I can even remember – this is what I knew relationship meant. You fall in love young, you get married, start a family early on, and stay together forever. I learnt this from my parents, both my grandparents and most of my aunts and uncles. I never questioned this form of relationship.


Until I was in it myself.
Feeling trapped.


This was the confusing moment in which I not only broke from this relationship, but also from the beliefs which my ancestors had passed onto me. About marriage. And what love meant.


This was the moment I was determined to do things my way.


Instead of getting stuck, I chose to partially do my studies abroad and afterwards travel the world. Countless experiences and a few profound love-stories 13 years later, I find myself here: at home in Peru, living the life I love.




My beliefs about “marriage” and “true love” are different to my ancestors. Obviously. And yet, I can see now – at age 31 – that it requires deep inner-work to release those initial beliefs, in order for my true beliefs to be able to flourish. And therefore assist me to attract what I desire in life.


If we don’t do the work, we will keep living a contradiction. You can’t plant new seeds on a soil full of weeds. So if you haven’t attracted the kind of partner you truly want – the answer is probably hidden in the ancestral memory you carry in your DNA. The one that is stopping you from manifesting what you truly want…


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