Nalaya | Love is like a striptease
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Love is like a striptease

Love is like a striptease

Love is like a striptease. Layer by layer more you reveal more of yourself to the other. First they get to know your external beauty, your laughter, the sound of your voice, and the general ways you like to move.


And as time passes, you strip down more and more. One layer at a time. Allowing the other to come closer. Closer to your heart. Inviting them into the intricate realms that make you so unique.


The slower you go, the more enticing, the more intriguing the striptease. And… the more excited and curious your lover will be.


It’s the slowness that makes mouths water, and the desire grow. It’s the tease of this dance that brings presence to what is exposed and what is yet to discover. It creates a hunger for more, a longing to see what’s next…


Many people have forgotten the art of striptease when they fall in love. It’s as though our generation gets naked too fast, too soon, and suddenly feels so fragile and exposed that they shut down or run away.


What if…


Next time you meet someone, you challenge yourself to go slow. You find new ways to enjoy the process. And to take time to strip down those layers to your heart.


One layer at a time. Slow and curious. Innocent, yet sexy. Holding your gaze, as you watch the other long for more…


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