Nalaya | Male Orgasm: a Hero’s Journey
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Male Orgasm: a Hero’s Journey

Male Orgasm: a Hero’s Journey

In this article I wish to clarify how the male orgasm works and how it effects your consciousness and well-being. Most of my male clients feel sexually dissatisfied on some level. There is hunger for more. So, let’s explore what it takes to go on a hero’s journey and expand your orgasmic potential as a man.


Tantric texts will always talk about holding back the need for ejaculation. (This does not mean you cannot orgasm – we’ll get into this in a moment). For now it is important to see semen for what it is: your super potent life force energy.


In Tantric traditions it is all about expanding your life force energy and therefore your sexual consciousness. This is only possible when you stop shooting your semen aimlessly in all kinds of directions.



– It floods your brain with dopamine
– The brain responds exactly as it would to drugs
– You get a huge high, and then a huge low
– Additionally you can have withdraw symptoms
– Meaning: low dopamine levels can lead to depression
– In other words: hunger for more (like an addict)
– This cycle can go on-and-on until the battery runs out
– Eventually it leads to less energy and lust for life


I call it “The Hero’s Journey” because it requires your conscious decision to let go of the old. You’ll go on an adventure, an exploration, to eventually get to new territory: your victory.


I will share with you a few easy steps to start your hero’s journey. Practice makes master. So don’t just read it, go explore and have fun! You’ll be amazed at the sexual expansion you can experience.


Becoming a whole lot more conscious of your breath control is the prerequisite skill set to semen retention – also known as self-cultivation. Since breathing controls heartbeat, the primary exercise for controlling ejaculation is deep, rhythmic abdominal breathing performed in the same manner as during breathing exercises.


– Find the edge of your orgasm
– Deep belly breathing
– Hold the breath for several moments
– Feel the urge to ejaculate subside
– Relax and feel the sexual energy move through your body
– Continue for another cycle
– And again
– Expanding more and more


The objective is to use profound abdominal breathing to control ejaculation and be a better lover. This requires a high degree of concentration and multi-tasking. While making love our tendency is to worry about the other person to the exclusion of everything else yet this tantric method requires you to devote your attention to the mundane task of abdominal breathing.


When I say squeeze, I literally mean squeeze. The muscle you are squeezing is called the PC (pubococcygea) muscle. This is the muscle you use to stop yourself from urinating when you can’t find a toilet. The PC muscle is also responsible for the rhythmic contractions in your pelvis and anus during orgasm.


The pc muscle surrounds the prostate, through which your semen must pass during the expulsion phase of orgasm. By learning to squeeze your prostate during contractile-phase orgasm (when it is contracting involuntarily), you can help yourself avoid moving from contraction to expulsion.


The idea is to train this muscle in combination with the breathing exercise described above. Drawing the energy away from your genitals and up your spine, and into your heart.


Practicing tantra does not mean you can never ejaculate again. Actually, it’s really healthy to ejaculate every now and then. However, when it comes to practicing the powerful exercise of self-cultivation (or retention) you have to give yourself time. 21 Days is the amount of days needed in order to trigger a new belief, a new habit, a new understanding.


Set the intention and give it a try. I mean, what are 21 days in a lifetime? However long or short this time may seem to you, I can promise that the reward you’ll receive is priceless.


The idea is to practice step 1 and 2 every day for however long is comfortable. Initially it is important to do this alone. That is the only way you can truly understand the flow of your sexual energy and raise your awareness over all the subtle movements in your body when you get aroused. It’s an amazing process to watch your sexual energy expand.


Scientific studies have shown that porn addiction will cause physical changes in the brain. These quick moments of pleasure with Porn will decrease your libido over time and can eventually lead to erectile disfunction. (Plus it decreases the ability to move forward with what is described in this article).


Porn is about quick pleasure, quick release. Switch your mindset to always prioritizing greater pleasure. If you are curious to know more watch this video “Your Brain on Porn“. It is super interesting!


Letting go of alcohol will boost this powerful practice even more! Increasing your orgasmic potential and sexual consciousness even more. Is it worth it? Try, and find out…


– Lots of physical energy
– Expand you capacity to experience pleasure
– Ability to hold more sexual energy and direct it
– Elevated mood and sense of wellbeing
– Feeling centered and grounded within yourself
– Stable emotions and decisiveness
– Clarity in communication / ability to speak your mind
– Connect on much deeper level with partner during sex
– Massive increase in focus on your business and personal goals
– Better workouts and physical strength
– Pride and self-appreciation increases
– Eventually learn to orgasm without ejaculation
– Experience full body orgasm


In other words, it is simply not necessary to get addicted to the neurological trigger from ejaculatory orgasm, nor to loose your precious life force energy. The hero’s journey will lead you to deeper levels of intimacy. Intimacy to yourself, the delicacy of your sexual energy, and eventually in the way that you get to connect with your partner..


Sexuality and orgasm are one aspect of the tantric life force energy. What interests me is to approach this powerful energy in a holistic way. That’s why I have created the 1:1 program for men TANTRIC ALIGNMENT. Here we fuse the shamanic principles with tantra. To live a tantric lifestyle means you have the ability to intimately connect to all the layers of intimacy as they come into your reality.


Wanna go even deeper with this practice? Schedule an introduction session with me. This will help me understand the core of your intention and see in what way you can move forward.

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