The Pill and why you are Gaining Weight

The Pill and why you are Gaining Weight

The question is not “if” you will get off the Pill, the question is “when”. The naked truth is being revealed as a global movement. It may not seem an easy decision at first. Yet, when you know it is a decision for your health, your wellbeing and ultimately your life – then actually, self-respect will naturally guide the way.


When I was 22, I intuitively chose to quit the Pill. It just didn’t feel right. The effects of this choice where tremendous. Why? Because the Pill had been suppressing many hormonal symptoms that were waiting to be addressed. Additionally the Pill had silently been causing many imbalances in my system. That was after nearly 7 years of using the Pill. Can you imagine the effects after 10 years or more?


Overweight and Depressed

At the age of 22 I was living in India. I was walking my spiritual path in full dedication: shaved head, barefoot, and living as simply as possible. That all sounds very romantic. Perhaps it was, until the effects of quitting the Pill started to kick in. I began to gain weight, I was depressed and needed to deal with leaky gut syndrome (meaning: I was not absorbing the nutrients from my food). I could summarize all of this in one word: inflammation.


Note: Chronic inflammation plays a part in nearly every disease on the planet, including obesity and other symptoms of metabolic syndrome like high blood pressure and messed-up cholesterol levels.


My depression was directly linked to my gut problem. Did you know that about 95 percent of serotonin (the happy-feel-good neurotransmitter) is manufactured in your gut? I can make a very compact summary of how your digestive-issues can add up to depression.


Messed up gut flora = inflammation = digestive issues = bloating = leaky gut syndrome = lack of energy = insufficient serotonin = depression


The Pill and Disease

Studies show that oral contraceptives impact gut flora, adversely affecting estrogen metabolism, with all its detrimental consequences, including weight-loss resistance. The pill also increases your risk for inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease; in fact, two large prospective cohort studies of American women linked oral contraceptive use with Crohn’s. Zapped immune function, an out-of-balance gut bacteria, and increased intestinal permeability (AKA leaky gut) are causes of all kinds of inflammatory issues that cause disease.


Quit the Pill & Be Proactive

I’ve found that nearly every client who goes off the pill and takes proactive approaches to reduce inflammation also starts losing weight. When clients lose weight, they also lower inflammation, which improves gut and overall health.


My own healing journey took me on a rollercoaster for about 3 years, in which weight gain and depression were actually the least of my issues. These experiences gave me the expertise and passion to pass on my wisdom to you. I don’t want you to go through the same suffering as I did. So if you are committed and ready to quit the pill and take care of your health, then please pay attention to these points:


1. Avoid the Hidden Sweetness

Processed food (canned sauces, cookies and anything in a package) has added sugars, inflammatory vegetable oils, and therefore becomes a surefire way to ramp up chronic inflammatory diseases, causing you to pack on weight and feel miserable. Start reading labels and making conscious choices.


2. Reduce Stress

Everyone has different strategies to de-stress; this can be anything from meeting your friend for a tea, doing yoga regularly, a walk in the park, writing in your diary etc. Ensure to spend time relaxing on a daily basis. Ensure it is not watching TV or having daily glases of wine. Although they give a moment of satisfaction, they actually don’t have beneficial effects on your nervous system or adrenal glands.


3. Eat lots of Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Wild-caught fish is an anti-inflammatory winner. Though you may not be a fan of fish. Do your research, and find out which anti-inflammatory foods work for you. Ensure to include them on a daily basis, or to stock up on quality supplements to ensure a good balance in your system and gut.


4. Get Good Sleep

This is so essential! Consider getting an “Earthing Mat” if you struggle to sleep well at night. Without a good nights rest, your body will continue to fight inflammation. Studies add impaired immune function and increased inflammation to the numerous issues poor sleep habits create or exacerbate.


5. Nix Reactive Foods

Dairy, gluten, and soy are among the chaos-creating foods that trigger leaky gut, weight loss resistance, and numerous other problems. One study found that going gluten-free dialed down inflammation and insulin resistance (two big fat-loss and health hijackers) while boosting weight loss. Along with nixing food intolerances for a few weeks and then re-challenging them one at a time, I used nutrients like L-glutamine and quercetin to repair my gut.


Take Action Now

Working with Post-Birth Control Syndrome can be a real challenge, but with the right guidance, you can get back to feeling like your healthiest self. Sign up for my FREE course to get a feel for my work. And if you are ready RIGHT NOW to take on the full journey, check out Happy Healthy Hormones.


Extra note:

Many women will hear the hazardous facts of taking the Pill, and yet choose to close their ears because of the fear of getting pregnant. I can reassure you that if you are looking for a natural way to prevent pregnancy, I can help you with that. I promise it is 100% safe. I am living proof that it actually works: I am healthy and baby-free (until the time will come).



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