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Pleasure Portraits

Pleasure Portraits

Your gǝnitals are a reflection of who you are. The shape, the flavour, the scent and especially how it feels – is a direct representation of where you are at in relation to yourself. When you dare to listen a little closer, there’s a lot to discover down there.


I know so many men and women who want to go deeper into their sǝxuality, but somehow forget to bond more closely with their actual gǝnitals.


If you’re reading this, stop what you’re doing, take out a mirror, and admire yourself up close.


That’s what Emma has encapsulated into her artwork. To reveal the most intimate parts of anonymous models for the world to see. To wake up. To feel a little deeper. And to open up to the beauty that is part of something so truthful, and yet hidden most of the time…


Here’s what she says about her art:


“My portraits are a celebration of diversity. My deepest desire and inspiration is for a universal collective to be seen and the flavours of diversity to be unconditionally celebrated, accepted and nurtured. A pleasure portrait is not about gender, race, age or sexual orientation. It is removed from labels and judgments and rather focused on the purest root of all humanity; to experience life’s richest pleasures. And that is forever evolving, changing and challenging our depths and experiences; there is no right or wrong answer to what gives one life.


What moves us to dream and dance, create with our touch, voices, smell and vision, the senses that allow us to feel in every sense of the word is. It all starts from the root, in the feminine and masculine and in all the colours in between. The aliveness inside us is the creative foundation for all that is, the spark and source of our power centers, what keeps us going and gets us out of bed every morning.


My experience of these pleasure portraits is that they are all so uniquely organic, matching the depths that pour out from the people who share them.”


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