Awaken Your Feminine Intuition

11 February 2016

Awaken Your Feminine Intuition

Deepen your connection with your Womb. Learn to hear those intimate whispers that are there to guide you. By connecting with your Womb – the essence of your femininity – you will automatically deepen the connection with your intuition and True Self. In this workshop we will go deeply into layers of the Womb that are preventing you from shining in your full potential. We will put emphasis on the ancestral lineage and release those blockages that have been passed on through your family tree. The womb is what links us from generation to generation. It’s time to release those ancient blockages that no longer serve you…


After all the release we will fill ourselves up with light, love and new wisdom: the wisdom of the moon. We will connect with the sacred rhythms of the feminine that are there as a gateway to connect more deeply with your innate feminine intuition.



– Individual as well as collective exercises in which “vulnerability” and “truth: are the main keys of allowing us to melt into release and awaken the wisdom
– Dance & other types of body-work
– Beautiful information & sharings
– Guided meditation
– Sacred fire ritual
– Moon Wisdom: how to empower your life by living with the phases of the moon
– Moon Inside You: simple guidance of how to live with your menstrual cycle and how to use your own rhythm to become more intuitive and self-empowered
– This information is also helpful to avoid pregnancy in na natural way. It is really so much easier than you think. We don’t need pills and synthetic hormones. What we need is to learn how to live with the innate wisdom of the female body!


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60 Soles


3pm - 7pm


11 February 2016


Sacred Rhythms