Womb Wisdom Full Moon

28 September 2015

Womb Wisdom Full Moon

By deeply connecting with your womb, you will discover new layers of hidden wisdom that is kept inside this sensitive organ. In this workshop we will discover all the different layers of your WOMB WISDOM. The womb is so much more that the life-giving organ. It is the center of our femininity, and the center of your true self. Allow those hidden chambers to be unlocked and have that innate wisdom become part of your True Self. It is time to awaken the wisdom keeper within. It is time to take the keys that unlock the gateways to those intimate mysteries hidden deep inside you… Inside your WOMB.



Truth and Vulnerability are the two central keys in this workshop. Through working with different techniques – both individually as collectively – you will feel layers of an image of yourself melt away, allowing you to get closer and closer to your core existence. The essence of who you truly are. Here, in the mystery of your femininity, blockages can be released and wisdom can be received.


How you live and who you are, are partially the mission of your soul, and partially what has been carried on through your family tree and onto you. The womb is what links us from generation to generation. It’s time to release blockages that ancient, heavy and not part of you anymore…


By deeply committing to healing, you not only release yourself, but your ancestral lineage too.


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The donation for the event is €20. Due to limited spaces we recommend to book in advance.


7 - 10pm


28 September 2015


Womb Wisdom