Women’s Festival Holland

23/08/15 - 28/08/15

Women’s Festival Holland

Lorelei women’s festival is an extraordinary women’s gathering in the North of Holland. This year there are two festivals back to back. Due to its increasing popularity we now have 2 three-day festivals! In an enchanting place in nature, 500 Beautiful women of all ages, contributing their flavor, colour and light to this empowering gathering. There are over 80 inspiring workshops, a market area full of wonderful goodies, great vegetarian and vegan food and a lot of sisterhood, support and healing.



Workshops: I will be there hosting a 3-hour Womb Wisdom workshop on each festival. That’s two in total. We will go deep into the layers of the womb to discover your innate wild woman power. By allowing deep releases to occur we simultaneously make room for new wisdom to arise. I welcome you into this sacred circle.


Market: Femfulness is also present in the market area. Besides the famous Eve Cup menstrual cups, the stall will be filled with healing tools, medicinal oils, herbal medicines and yoni-eggs. Hope to see you there!


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23 to 28 August 2015


Festival / Gathering, Womb Wisdom