Intimacy Coaching – Single Session


This is an single session designed to assist you in your TANTRIC ALIGNMENT. The session is customised according to your needs. It includes an online intimacy coaching session, and a recorded reflection afterwards to assist your integration process with empowering exercises and rituals.

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Your tantric life force is your power; the force that keeps you present and connected to your centre. Bringing this energy into alignment means you open up to a deep sense of connection, intimacy, understanding, recognition, freedom and ultimately love.


Your tantric nature consists of a feminine and a masculine principle. Your shamanic nature consists of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. When you combine these you will understand in clarity and accuracy the unique combination that is YOU. You will know which are your strengths that keep you balanced, and how to use them for a deeper sense of connection.


This is a single session. As mentioned in the description page, the TANTRIC ALIGNMENT program is based on the four elements. It is therefore recommended to take the time for each element and to integrate your tantric nature in a holistic way. Click on the links below to return to the description page to read the overview once more.