Your Sacred Cycle – Online Course

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YOUR SACRED CYCLE is the easiest way to empower your life as a woman. By tuning into your inner rhythms, you will learn to naturally prevent pregnancy, and expand you intuition to accommodate your physical, emotional and spiritual needs! Tune into your unique flow in 28 days!

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My sacred cycle is my ultimate guide to being in touch with my needs on a daily basis. It has taught me to understand the magic that every element brings, in each of the four phases. It also taught me to not have unrealistic expectations or unhealthy demands from life, but to truly flow with the honest guidance of the present moment.


I have been living with my cycle for 8 years now. What I share with you in this course is fully embodied expertise and wisdom. I have successfully and consciously avoided pregnancy. This has allowed me to feel empowered by my body like never before. My trust has grown tremendously through learning to listen.

My main intention for the creation of this course is to grant you in-depth information for you to start tuning with your sacred cycle immediately. I want to avoid you feeling overwhelmed – there is no need to get overloaded with information. This course is all about getting exactly the RIGHT information so you can directly implement it into your life.

This is my passion, my love, my endless fascination! Woman, you have been gifted with your cycle – it’s time you start tuning in with the sacredness of your body!



FREE VIDEO COURSE - "Feminine Intuition"

Do you often feel overwhelmed by all that you are feeling? Do you often feel that it is all just too much? It's time to start listening to your FEMININE INTUITION. Learn to trust your sensitivity and its intuitive guidance that is unique to you.