Nalaya | Shamanic Energy Healing
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Shamanic Energy Healing


A shamanic healing session will benefit you to realign and rebalance in a holistic manner. It is called shamanic, because we tap into all levels of your existence: Earth (physical), Air (spiritual), Fire (sexual) and Water (emotional). During the session we will clear any blockages related to the root cause of your intention. Essentially to allow your life force energy to flow freely.

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Your sincere connection to your intentions is the reason you heal. Your motivation, your commitment, your purity – those are the essential keys for transformation. The words “heal” and “whole” come from the same root. To heal essentially means you have a desire to become whole again.


A Shamanic Energy Healing by distance is exactly the same as a session in person. I connect with you in the exact same way as if you would be here with me. I will read your energy and realign what has fallen out of balance. I use techniques coming from the ancient Siddha tradition in India, in which I use your Kundalini life force energy to awaken your self-healing abilities – and combine these with shamanic techniques to ensure alignment on all levels of your existence.



○ Clearing ancestral lines & family matters
○ Clearing past relationships & attachments
○ Tantric alignment & sacred sexuality
○ Trusting in your intuition & sensitivity
○ Releasing addictive tendencies
○ Finding your life’s purpose
○ Kundalini awakening
○ Chakra clearing