Nalaya | Shamanic Energy Healing
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Shamanic Energy Healing


A shamanic healing session will benefit you to realign and rebalance in a holistic manner. It is called shamanic, because we tap into all levels of your existence: Earth (physical), Air (spiritual), Fire (sexual) and Water (emotional).  During the session we will clear any blockages related to the root cause of your intention. Essentially to allow your life force energy to flow freely.


Your sincere connection to your intentions is the reason you heal. Your motivation, your commitment, your purity – those are the essential keys for transformation. The words “heal” and “whole” come from the same root. To heal essentially means you have a desire to become whole again.

A Shamanic Energy Healing by distance is exactly the same as a session in person. I connect with you in the exact same way as if you would be here with me. I will read your energy and realign what has fallen out of balance. I use techniques coming from the ancient Siddha tradition in India, in which I use your Kundalini life force energy to awaken your self-healing abilities – and combine these with shamanic techniques to ensure alignment on all levels of your existence.



❖   Clearing ancestral lines & family matters
❖   Clearing past relationships & attachments
❖   Tantric alignment & sacred sexuality
❖   Trusting in your intuition & sensitivity
❖   Releasing addictive tendencies
❖   Finding your life’s purpose
❖   Kundalini awakening
❖   Chakra clearing



Jessica Russel Dawn

Nalaya is an incredible woman and divine feminine leader. She has helped to bring me back to my body, heart and soul, to heal some of my childhood wounds and ultimately, help launch my in embracing my spiritual purpose. I cannot recommend her and her offerings enough! I know she is meant to do this work and help thousands of people to heal and empower themselves in the years to come and it is an honour to know her as both her student and friend. Read more…

Geoff Fane

It’s difficult to put into words how much respect I have for Nalaya. She is a spirit of nature and embodies the healing gifts of the divine feminine in nature. She is a beautiful, present, connected and warm-hearted medicine women. She cares deeply for the souls she helps guide with love, kindness and truth. I am so grateful we met in Peru – where she guided several offerings and ceremonies. As a shamanic healing guide I trust her with my life. Love, respect and blessings to you Nalaya. Read more…

Diego Bronstein Lay

During the healing sessions a very strong, indescribable energy activated inside me. My body and emotions moved without my control. Never before have I experienced such incredible shifts in my life in such a short time. These sessions allowed me to let go of a past relationship, and re-connect with my sexual life force in a whole new way. I am speechless. Nalaya knows how to transmit power, infinite knowledge and love in unexplainable ways. Read more…



Before the session we will communicate about your intention. Together we ensure that you are as clear and specific as you can be. The clearer you are, the more effective the healing session will be.


My greatest speciality is to listen. I listen to your words and the vibration that you share beyond the words you choose. In a way you could say the session begins here.



We schedule an accommodating time that suites us both. I will ask you to “tune in” during this time. You can choose to lay down, relax or meditate. This enables you to pay attention to random sensations, emotions, memories or thoughts. Whatever arises is part of the process.


Different people experience a healing session in different ways. It is possible to feel warmth, tingling or other physical expressions such as trembling or shaking. It is possible to get rushed by certain emotions or a particular memory. And some people simply rest in a state of deep relaxation or numbness.



After the session I will record for you step-by-step what we touched upon. This assists your integration process afterwards. I will also share with you personalized exercises or rituals that will empower this shift in your life.


Many people experience these recordings as tremendously healing in itself. The information is always clear and direct, with the sole purpose of helping you understand the intricate details of everything that is connected to your intention and how to move forward from here.



A week after the session we will check in to see how you are doing. It is important to pay attention to the details of life during this week. Your physical state, your cravings, your dreams, as well as the type of conversations you have. It is all part of the integration process.


It is very possible that a great transformation happens in just one session. The moment of reflection will give us insight in this. When we both feel there is a need to sink even deeper, we will accommodate this process with another session.

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