Wisdom Prayer (song)

May this invocation serve you to remember the deep wisdom that resides within your being. May you listen, and hear your own words, your own intentions, your own prayer. As it is yours.   Original song by Hannah Leigh   [soundcloud id='331344918' height='false']...

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Nas Alturas (song)

A blessed song for this blessed Sunday. Sung in Portuguese and in the resonance of Love. Bowing down to the Divine Father and the Divine Mother. Recognizing the path of light - filled with love - and to feel the guidance all around...

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Holy Grail

I release all that is stopping me from fully launching myself nakedly into Trust. I release old attachments and old pains that prevent me from allowing my Light to shine always, no matter what circumstance I find myself in.   Here I stand with the Holy Grail in...

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Let’s get naked!

It's a new year which welcomes new opportunities, fresh starts and clear intentions. I hold great gratitude for all that 2015 taught me, and so here I am putting those lessons into action: It's time to get naked! Naked in the sense of revealing myself shamelessly....

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FREE VIDEO COURSE - "Feminine Intuition"

Do you often feel overwhelmed by all that you are feeling? Do you often feel that it is all just too much? It's time to start listening to your FEMININE INTUITION. Learn to trust your sensitivity and its intuitive guidance that is unique to you.