Nalaya | Surrender
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The yearning of my heart (poem)

My heart yearns for your embrace⠀ To fall apart in your arms ⠀ And cry a waterfall of pleasure and pain⠀   My deepest desire⠀ And greatest fear⠀ Mixed in this yearning of my heart⠀ For you⠀   For you to look at me⠀ Right into my soul ⠀ In silence⠀ And feel the depth of the...

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Fierce Fragility (poem)

My greatest desire Accompanied by an equal amount of resistance   Fragility   To crumble in the arms of the other To be deeply felt And seen   Fragility   A paradox within itself As my greatest powers is found right there The power to surrender To trust And let go   I could surrender to God and the Source within I could...

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