Nalaya | Womb Blessing
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Womb Blessing




The four elements are considered sacred in shamanism. Each element holds their own unique wisdom. They are all different in their essence, yet are there to support and compliment the other elements by fusing their fundamental powers. By connecting with the elements inside, you get to tap into inter-dimensional realms of your existence. When we integrate the elements into healing work, we automatically work in a holistic way. Simply because when your inner Earth, Air, Fire and Water are aligned – your whole life will be in balance.


The essence of this journey is if for you to awaken your inner guidance more and more. I am here to walk beside you, listen, and feel deeply into your needs. I provide all the support you may desire. Yet, I am more-so here to push you over the edge in truly encountering your inner power.


  • Each element one full month

  • Four moments of connection per element

  • A journey of four months in total

  • One Skype session per element

  • Weekly check in for reflection and guidance

  • All accommodating your personal needs


You are a unique person, therefore it is highly important that you receive the guidance, exercises, rituals and meditations that suite your being in this moment of your life.


In our first meeting it will become clear what your issues are as well as your main intentions and aspirations. One element will be most prominent, so we begin here. The Skype sessions are there for you to share and for me to guide and listen. This already will bring a lot of clarity.


I will sit in meditation and really feel into the information that you have provided. My clear hearing and clear knowing are two of my greatest gifts as a healer. I use these tools to channel a program specifically for you. Each element receives different steps for you to take and integrate. You will either receive this via email or via audio recording. Depending what you prefer.


Every week we will have a moment of reflection. This will provide you the support you need to deepen your connection with the element. I am here for you to feel supported in your low’s and high’s. I am here to ensure you keep your focus on the element. These moments of connection can either be via WhatsApp, audio recording or email.


No matter how smooth or challenging the work with one element has been, we ensure to move on to the next element the following month. It is possible you may need the support of Earth to fully integrate what Water has shown you. Or you may need to awaken Air to feel the Fire grow inside your heart. We must proceed in order to make full circle.


  • You are absolutely ready to connect with your life’s purpose

  • You are highly sensitive and want to be in harmony with all that you feel

  • You want to trust your intuition and hear your inner guidance


A commitment is one of the most powerful agreements we can make for ourselves. When you commit yourself to deepening your healing journey, you will be supported by higher forces. This commitment of walking your talk, will empower your life and bring you the alignment you are looking for.



The element of Earth is connected to your body, nutrition, exercise and other aspects of the physical realm. Such as your connection to nature, or the house you live in. You will dive deep into the inter-dimensional definition of Home, to ensure that this is the feeling that rises from the work with Earth.


Your Air connects you to the power of your thoughts and is the bridge to the invisible world. Here you empower your ability to align your thoughts and manifest all that you envision. We also focus on your sensitivity and finding deep trust within. Deepening your connection with the invisible world will highten your awareness and raise your healing abilities.


Your inner Fire is your sexual force, your passions of life and ‘connection’ in general. Connection to yourself, connection to your family, friends and beloved. Your heart is the center of your life that generates the courage to intimately connect with others. It generates the courage to walk your path of purpose with passion. And it also awakens your sexual life-force energy as the healing force it is.


The element of Water is connected to your emotions. You will awaken the deep intelligence that resides in all that you feel – in full trust – so that you can flow freely with your inner guidance. Water is also connected with abundance and therefore self-worth. Abundance can be found in love, friendship, opportunity and money. The more you flow in trust, knowing you are worthy – the more abundant you will be in all areas of life.

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