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Tantric Alignment for Him




Your tantric life force is your power; the force that keeps you present and connected to your centre. Bringing this energy into alignment means you open up to a deep sense of connection, intimacy, understanding, recognition, freedom and ultimately love.


Your tantric nature consists of a feminine and a masculine principle. Your shamanic nature consists of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. When you combine these you will understand in clarity and accuracy the unique combination that is YOU. You will know which are your strengths that keep you balanced, and how to use them for a deeper sense of connection.


❖    You don’t feel appreciated or recognised in your relationships
❖    You desire authentic love and a sincere intimate partnership
❖    You want to establish a healthy balance in your current relationships
❖    You want to release the need for external validation
❖    You are ready to release any resistance, limited beliefs and blindspots that are preventing the true embodiment of your masculinity
❖    You want to let go of any lingering insecurities, sense of jealousy or competition
❖    You want to establish a healthy connection to your emotions and feel secure in your expressions
❖    You desire to be an even greater lover, and are ready to learn the secrets of the feminine
❖    You are willing to give it your all, without compensating your own authenticity


❖    Embody self-confidence and be recognised for it
❖    Deeply understand your best qualities and be resilient in your expression
❖    Be so empowered by this new version of yourself, that attracting love is merely a natural consequence of the goodness you already feel from within
❖    Know how to navigate the feminine expression of sexuality
❖    Embody true masculine presence
❖    Feel confident in expressing your feelings in a way that is clear and grounded
❖    Know when you act from your inner feminine or inner masculine, and feel absolutely at peace with the connection that you have to both aspects of yourself
❖    Have the tools in your pocket to understand how to please a woman and make her feel safe.
❖    Feel secure in the true expression of yourself. Humble, balanced and clear
❖    Ready to take risks for love!





The word “tantra” has been over-used and over-sexualized, so allow me clarify what my approach is. My sole interest is for you to feel deeply connected and to live life empowered by your heart that is willing to interact with life – whatever experiences it may bring. The focus of this 4 month program is intimacy. Of course this includes pleasure, orgasmic expansion, don’t worry. I just wanna make clear we focus on everything else that is preventing that deep tantric experience. That’s the only way your TANTRIC ALIGNMENT can been empowering and ever-lasting.


❖    Two intimacy coaching session via Skype
❖    Audio recordings with personalised reflections afterwards
❖    Rituals and exercises to assist the integration of each element
❖    Two check in moments (via email or voice recording)
❖    Optional additional shamanic energy healing session
❖    In essence: we will connect on a weekly basis in different forms
❖    The duration of each session may vary depending on your needs
❖    You can reach out to me whenever you need extra support
❖    100% Guarantee your needs are always met

EARTH – Step #1 of Tantric Alignment

Earth sets the foundation of your journey ahead. Without a stable foundation you cannot expect more pleasure to magically be part of life. Your body holds an intelligence and a memory. It is in your blood, your bones, and connects you to your ancestors as well as past sexual relations. Here we will eliminate any unhealthy attachments to the past that are holding you back.

AIR – Step #2 of Tantric Alignment

Your voice, your words, your vibration determine the signature of who you are and therefore – what you attract. This is the basic principle of the law of attraction. In this layer you will understand how interconnected your sexual centre and your voice are. We will work with breath, movement, sound and other exercises that will empower your alignment with your creator self.

FIRE – Step #3 of Tantric Alignment

Fire is touch. To be touched in your heart. Beyond physical touch. What does it require to truly allow yourself to be touched by another? Fire is also passionate, angry, intense, orgasmic, creative, and so much more. In this layer we will experiment with your field of expansion and attraction. This will be fully integrated with your personally needs when we reach this layer. Love, purpose, health, money, etc.

WATER – Step #4 of Tantric Alignment

Your senses and emotions hold a great intelligence. A resistance to pain, will also resist pleasure. When truly and deeply allow yourself to feel it all, you will begin to flow through life. This layer is about opening up to the unknown and a greater sense of TRUST. What does it require to deeply feel it all? And how will that guide you to be surprised by life? In unexpected pleasurable ways.


Brint Duncan
United States

Nalaya has a way about her in which she carries herself through the world. She instantly warms your heart with her wisdom, spoken or unspoken, giving you a sense of trust and gratitude that combine into a unique experience. I had worked with her in Vilcabamba, Ecuador. She’s the real deal, a very sensitive medicine woman attuned to her way of life with the ability to peer deeply into those who allow her to. She has lots to share if you want to step into the person you know you can become. Nalaya, please share more of your songs, they are incredible.

Nistal Wloczysiak

I didn’t really know what to expect when starting the 1:1 sessions. Yet I knew it was time for real change! Nalaya has an incredible way of navigating through the chaos of feelings and stories. She always gives tangible points to work with. What was most healing for me – is to truly feel met by Nalaya – regardless of what I share. This has empowered me to become even more authentic in my expression in life. Her insights and reflections are always so spot on and so amazingly clear. I feel touched by her great capacity to understand me as well as hand me practical tools for integration. This makes her work very healing, as well as just so real.Read more…

Eugene Sedletsky
United States

Nalaya is someone who will touch your heart in a way that few others can. Just seeing the metamorphosis that has come from this incredibly colorful journey, with all its richness and depth of inner exploration. I can confidently say that Nalaya has traveled further on this path of being a human than many others even get to! And it shows – in her work, in her deep level of caring, maturity, vulnerability and strength. It shows in every moment as the wisdom that’s listening behind her eyes… and with every word that she imparts in her deep and humble dedication to her purpose.Read more…


This 30-minute free session is intended to give us the opportunity to get to know each other. You have the liberty to ask any question before we get started. And it’ll give me clear insight of what your intentions exactly are, as well as help you navigate to become even clearer.


NOTE: This session can only be booked once. It’s a special offer for newcomers.


This is an individual session, customised according to your needs. It includes an online coaching session, and a recorded reflection afterwards to assist your integration process.


Duration: 2 hours


As described above, one month per element. We will take conscious and committed steps in the direction of the heart of your intention.




❖    Two intimacy coaching session via Skype
❖    Audio recordings with personalised reflections afterwards
❖    Rituals and exercises to assist the integration of this element
❖    Two check in moments per month (via email or voice recording)
❖    In essence: we will connect on a weekly basis in different forms
❖    The duration of each session may vary depending on your needs
❖    You can reach out to me whenever you need extra support
❖    100% Guarantee your needs are always met


This package is the full 4-month journey through all four elements for the complete Tantric Alignment within you. This package will allow you full embodiment of what that means, and allow you to feel ultimately connected.



I highly respect your sincere connection to your own intention. A commitment to the complete journey of 4 months takes courage and willpower. For that I gift you a discount of €279! Instead of €1988, you only pay €1709!




This session is optional. I highly recommend to integrate a Shamanic Energy Session when you are touching the core of something very important. A Shamanic Energy Session is energising, uplifting, will give great perspective on unseen details. Overall it brings you in to balance on a whole new level. Click here to read more about what this entails.


When you have chosen to do the full “Tantric Alignment” you will get a 20% discount on any Shamanic Energy Session. Contact me personally to confirm.



This session is highly recommended. It serves as a recap of everything after the complete journey of 4 months, 4 elements. This session is intended to polish the edges and to ensure that you continue your path with great clarity, confidence and openness.



Please contact met personally to discuss the option of customising the journey we take together. Depending on your needs and wishes, we will design a package that suites the unique being you are. Write me on and we’ll take it from there.



Nalaya is an intimacy life-coach, healer and retreat facilitator. She has been traveling the world since birth (literally), which has given her a very unique voice and approach to the art of intimacy and connection.


Nalaya was born in The Netherlands, raised in several countries, travelled the world for over a decade, and is now residing in Thailand after having lived in the Sacred Valley of Peru for 5 years.


Her work is inspired by the many cultures that have shaped her. And she simply has a very refined way of connecting to energy, which is noticeable in anything she creates.


She has trained in India (where she also lived for 5 years) with various masters from the Siddha lineage and received initiations into Shaktipat, Kundalini and other Tantric Traditions.


Her sessions and courses are inspired by a variety of intensive trainings she did in Asia, India, as well as Europe. Later, she worked with shamans in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. All from various tribal traditions.


It’s rare to come across someone who shares the wisdom of her pains and pleasures with such openness, authenticity, as well as a humble willingness to continue growing herself.


Nalaya has worked with thousands of clients from all over the world. She implements a unique mixture of tantric techniques based on shamanic principles. The power of her work can be experienced in personalised 1:1 sessions, online courses and the intimate retreats she organises annually (which will commence again when the pandemic ends).


Nalaya is one of the rare souls who holds the secrets to manifesting true love.

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