Stephanie Borgers



One day I was completely stuck. My life had been a roller coaster for more than a year by then. I turned to Nalaya for her wisdom. The recognition I felt during our first Skype conversation was truly liberating. She taught me that there is no such thing as a VOID. When life seems to crumble apart, and people disappear, there is no VOID, but SPACE cleared up for everything you need! And that’s how it went.


I trusted my heart to her and she guided me through various healing sessions. We were both at the other side of the world, yet the intensity was mind-blowing and I could feel her so closely. The chakra healing was an amazing tool and boost to find my purpose again, and a valuable support to take new decisions. Besides that, Nalaya also taught me how to live with my own cycle, since my body ached to leave the birth control pill. The process has been very enriching and purifying! Getting to know the different phases of my cycle, and by consequence the different women I can embody, connected me with a whole new dimension of my Femininity. I’m so grateful.

Olivia Morgan



Working with Nalaya is a gift. She possess a gentle strength which allows her to create and hold a space in which you feel safe to engage in the work of self knowledge, growth, and healing. I am very grateful for my experience in her Tantric Lifestyle retreat. I received deep grounding in my self, strengthening in my energetic body, and expansion in my capacity to live in love with life.


The land and ceremonies that Nalaya choses to work with are powerful and sacred and her relationship to them is full of respect. Working with these lands and ceremonies allowed me to expand in my consciousness and transform in my relationship with my self, my partner, my family, my life’s work, the divine feminine and masculine energies, and the universe.


The passion fueling Nalaya’s work is beautiful and strong and her relationship with the people that she serves is full of love and care. If you feel a calling to work with Nalaya I hope you gift yourself this amazing opportunity!

Diego Bronstein Lay



I am speechless after experiencing several healing sessions with Nalaya. She has a powerful mind and soul, and knows how to transmit infinite knowledge and kindness in an unexplainable way.


Once you have experienced a session with Nalaya, your entire understanding of life will change forever. It is not something you can understand with the mind. You have to feel it, experience it, and watch life realign itself accordingly.


I’ll be always thankful for this beautiful person.

Espen Livsnyter



When it comes to sharing and teaching love, truth, healing and understanding Nalaya and her programs are an incredible asset.


I cannot recommend her services enough!


Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and helping me transform.

Rafa Lauraline



Nalaya has a very gentle, subtle yet powerful way of holding your hands – an energy that seems to deeply & lovingly interconnect itself with your own far beyond any timing or contact within the physical realm. She is a deeply wise & authentic creature that one can feel has really stepped into her own empowerment, embodying her own soul’s purpose.


From this place she has clearly cultivated the deep capability to help guide others to this place within themselves – to come home to our own deep innate wisdom waiting within our bodies & souls. If you are someone seeking to be held along your path home to this divine essence within you, if you are even remotely on the fence – jump. I highly recommend her guidance.

Laurie Bella Tierra

United States


Nalaya has an incredible connection to her essence and power, and a beautiful gift of being able to draw that power up and thru the people she works with. One afternoon Tantric Cacao Ceremony with her has changed my life and enhanced my path immensely. Her exercises were both simple and deep, her circle was very intimate, comfortable and open.


She leads with guidance centered in strong inner knowing and experience that I can tell comes from a lifetime devoted to self work and improvement. Her very presence inspires authenticity and a soft, yet empowered feminine self. I saw people of all ages, and all walks of life from all over the world come together in a few beautiful hours and connect in such a profound and transformational way.


I highly recommend this beautiful soul as a friend, healer and a guide!

Miriam Altounji



Nalaya is the real deal, kind, loving, nurturing and strong. I highly recommend her for energy healing work, coaching and the powerful retreats she creates in the Sacred Valley, Peru.


A few years back, I met Nalaya at a pivotal point in my life. Energy work on the self is a life long journey. I believe it is important to recognize guides on our path and to let them help us come to our own conclusions.


Nalaya was the perfect guide for me in that moment of my life. By simply talking to her, she helped me identify and understand the roots of my issue. I definitely felt a powerful energy communicating with mine during our healing session. I am grateful to have met Nalaya and warmly recommend her for anyone looking to know themselves a little better.

Alexis Fllow Leiva

United States


Nalaya is a beautiful human being. She is so sincere and passionate about growth, healing and transformation. Its a pleasure to watch her work and lead people to a fuller more vibrant expression of themselves.


She holds a safe space for people to be heard, to release and recover from internal and external wounds, a space to heal and grow. She has great communication skills and always the most gentle teacher.


I highly recommend Nalaya!

Matthew John

United States


I recommend that you connect with Nalaya – her beautiful soul, her insights, her spoken meditations, and her retreats.


Nalaya is a powerful woman who shares her medicine from her open heart, clear vision and deep life experiences. One of the most important things for me is INTEGRITY, and that is the beautiful reflection that Nalaya emanates.


She encourages everyone to live life with authenticity, and brings people back to that pure connection with the heart, and within all our relationships.

Jeni Barry



Nalaya has been here for me through the dark and light. Her energy is unlike no other I have ever experienced. Every time we meet, I’m reborn again. It’s something you need to experience to understand what I’m saying. She gets you!!


We met a few years ago in Peru. This sparked our connection and allowed us to do different forms of healing by distance. She assisted me in the preparation for pregnancy, during pregnancy, and the integration afterwards. She allowed me to see unhealthy ties to my lineage, that needed to clear, in order to step into my true self.


The transformation has been unbelievable. I feel deeply connected to Nalaya, and trust her with all my heart.

Bo Sijpkes

The Netherlands


Nalaya truly lives her life with an open heart, and guides people exactly from that place. I came across Nalaya on a festival where she offered her workshop.  I was in a stage of my life in which I wasn’t on my true path anymore. I was exhausted and found it hard to navigate my true direction.


And there was Nalaya! She saw me TRULY for who I am. That moment literally changed everything for me! I felt her energy flowing through my entire system. I was being recognized and therefore I began to recognise myself again.


Now, a year later, I’m feeling my power again. After her workshop I couldn’t return to my normal routine. So now I am becoming a holistic therapist! I am working with Reiki again and I am feeling fully alive!

Stephanie Popping

The Netherlands


Just hearing the voice of Nalaya always brings me joy and a particular sence of deep inner-peace. It is the sound of a warm and trustworthy person.


Over the years I have had many healing sessions with Nalaya – both in person as well as by distance. They have been very profound and important during my moments of deep transformation.


She helped me align my relationships – my family, my past lovers as well as where I am now. She assisted me during pregnancy as well as the integration into motherhood.


I am forever grateful for the full trust I feel for her. And how she always brings me peace and clarity with her words of advice and guidance.

Ashlee Dana

United States


Nalaya stands in the power of femininity is a way that used to intimidate and inspire me before I got to know her. Her light and ease shined upon parts of myself I wished to embody. She vibrates grace and weaves together roots and spirit in one.


Nalaya offers the depth of her knowledge, devotion, intuition with such an open heart and warm presence it’s allows space to safely transform and grow. To play into the unknown, soften and bloom. Thank you Nalaya for sharing your gifts.


I am forever grateful for the transformation that occurred through her support and inspiration.

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