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Nikki Ananda

United States


I spent the last 5 months working with Nalaya and I couldn’t be more grateful. I am a feminine embodiment coach, who has worked with many incredible teachers over the years. It is a challenge for me to find someone that can work with my strong will, and essentially “out smart” my (sometimes quite stubborn) mind. A series of synchronicities led me to Nalaya’s work and I committed myself to doing the deep dive and reprogramming all the relationship karma I had been carrying.


After a lifetime of challenging and toxic relationships, I found Nalaya. I hit a rock bottom point after attracting two more narcissists into my life, back to back. Nalaya helped me rewrite the programs that had been attracting and dictating my relationships.


Not even 2 weeks after our work together completed I met my partner. I have fallen deeply in love with a man who has exceeded all my visions, dreams, and expectations of partnership. I am now thriving in a relationship and experiencing my deepest desire of living life in love. I found an amazing man who actually fulfills my desires, and he feels the exact same way about me. Best of all, our relationship is SO EASY!


If you are ready to do the work and embrace your truest desires for intimacy and partnership, don’t hesitate to join this program!


Out of all the soul work I have done over the last decade, from all the teachers, healers and guides I have worked with, the work I did with Nalaya is dearest to my heart. Infinitely grateful for Nalaya and what she offers to the world.

Gabriel Philion Couet

Quebec, Canada


Nalaya has been a life-changing encounter for me. In everything I intended to work on with her, she held me accountable, gave me tools and supported me from A to Z. She started by guiding me into my own clarity so I realized what I really wanted in my life. Shared with me her tools to manifest it with the deepest intentions and care until I could embody it and create it in my life.


All of this in two months. The work and growth that was done with her is worth several years of personal work alone. I learned so much about myself and my power.


Every session I have been impressed by the precision of her questions, reflections, contemplations and interventions. I am very touched by the ease with which I was able to expose myself, be vulnerable, see my blindspots and learn. The energy, care, support and details she put into all steps of our work showed me what being embodied and making love with life actually means.


With gratitude for all your works prior to this one, our encounter and my transformation now and all the lives you will change in the future. Thank you Nalaya

Heather Adams Miles

United States


She is so in touch with her own life and amazingly in-tune with the lives of those around her. Dare To Love was nothing shy of magic for me. My experience and growth during her course were measurable internally and externally.


I went into the course with hope and a readiness for change and came out with one of the greatest experiences of my life. After my divorce I was alone for several years, during which I never quite felt open to allowing another man in. I understood that something in me had to change, in order to change my reality.


During DARE TO LOVE I fell in love with my best friend. A man who knows me so well, who has always unconditionally been there. Although he had been right in front of me all this time – it would’nt have have been possible until now. Because what was needed, was for me to get rid of my protection, and to trust that love is possible again.


I have a friend and confidant in Nalaya! I made friends that I consider to be friends for life. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! The light in me shines brighter for having known you and experiencing your spirit, passion, and love for what you do and who you are. Thank you!

Manka Bajaj



I have been following Nalaya’s work and I have to say she has had a measurable impact on me. I signed up for DARE TO LOVE looking for alignment in love and sex and I can confidently say I am feeling that alignment within a few weeks.


If you sign up for DTL, I would recommend you don’t underestimate the openings it can gift you and keep a few weeks aside to dedicate all your energy to the transformation you are seeking. Nalaya’s guidance has helped me to upgrade my vibration and as a result the quality of what I attract. Thank you Nalaya.


I highly recommend your work – she is generous and authentic, and full of delightful insights! Much love to all !

Anthony Bossler

United States


I recommend Nalaya based on her approach, patience, realness, support, attention to detail, basically everything! She embodies the work through her own life journey. Her Dare to Love course is applicable to all facets of life, for what is life but one continuous loving relationship!

Kalena Trow

United States


Nalaya came highly recommended to me by a dear friend of mine at a time that could not have been more serendipitous. Dormant psychic abilities were blasting open, leaving me, and my system shot, in a constant state of panic and terror, as well as a constant feelings of bombardment by the spiritual realms.


Nalaya guided me through a deep process of reconnecting with my self, my physical body, and my grounding, to build safety, security and trust within myself. Through rituals, journaling and simple exercises, she helped me reconnecting with myself, my truth and my grounding all while helping me to relearn to trust myself instead of “looking outside” myself. Nalaya is a gifted healer and intuitive who cares deeply about her clients and their journeys. Plus she has this amazing ability to make you feel deeply connected, as if you are having tea with an old friend and are in the same room, even though you are miles apart.


I can honestly say that because of my work with Nalaya, I am a different person. A more compassionate, loving, clearer, connected version of myself and I am eternally grateful for her and the beautiful, soul work she provides.

Georgia Astridge



I have been following Nalaya for years, after first meeting her beautiful sweet light in Peru and further feeling her compassionate presence at a womens sweatlodge.


I have always delicately looked at Nalayas shining with admiration and inspiration, relishing in her musings of wisdom and generous sharings and insights online since until the moment came, Dare To Love is launched! I am ready!


I feel incredibly supported by Nalaya, the course is so carefully thought out and Nalaya is evidence it works and now 12 of us are walking around the earth being initiated.


I felt the call. I wanted to let go of a lover that was occupying my heart for many years, little did I know this would gently unravel and transform so much more than I could have anticipated.


This course helped me look inside myself deeply, be seen loveingly in parts of myself deemed unloveable, release Greif and find out what I truly want underneath all the stories, with this course everything false was falling away, I was ready and I met the perfect teacher. I was guided back to myself and to my heart.

This course is truly transformational and I 100% back Nalaya and her life walk, She is a true guide that I trust. I look forward to continue to walk with you ❤ Thank you for your gift Nalaya and to all the brave souls that shelter under her wings ❤

Sara LePouttre



Being part of Dare to Love offered a space for deep remembering. Remembering in real deal love, and to stay open and honest within my own heart. Nalaya brings light to creating empowering narratives around love and intimacy by working through whatever obstacles are getting in the way, examining them, and setting them free.


By getting right to the core, the foundation of embodying one’s own true heart is magnified. With her authentic expression and kind and joyous heart, Nalaya is very easy to connect with and it’s clear she embodies the work she is doing in the world.


I am super glad I did this course and grateful for the learning, expanding, and growing that continues to come through. The remembering to trust love and fully open to it, for it has always been open to me. Thank you ~

Joeke Hoeboer



I absolutely LOVE working with Nalaya. I have known her for about fiver years now. The work that I have been doing with her 1-1 and in her courses have made a huge impact on the person I’ve become, and the dream life I am creating.


When I signed up for the DARE TO LOVE course I was in the midst of a recurring pattern in regards to attracting men. I was feeling so fed up that, after doing all of my personal development work I was still attracting men that were just not right for me. Already after signing up for this course I felt a huge relief in knowing that I am taking care of myself. I knew I was making a conscious decision to devote myself to this, which was already so incredibly beneficial.


It felt so amazing to be in such a safe and sacred space with beautiful people. During the course I have literally shared all that I wished to share – from empowered discoveries to feelings of lack, insecurity and fear. After the course I feel more connected with myself and I see and feel my own worthiness way more! I am tapping into my ‘’Yoni Consiousness’’ which to me feels like trusting and living from a more knowing and wise part of my being.


Thank you so much Nalaya for your soft, sweet and gentle presence. For sharing your wisdom and for speaking your truth. I feel honored and grateful to receive your ever expanding guidance.

Kate Hamilton

United States


Nalaya Chakana has changed my life! ‘Dare To Love’ allowed me to navigate from thinking and knowing the changes and actions I wished for in my life, to actually making those actions happen!


I feel as though I have come home to myself and my relationship with a much more loving, accepting, and celebratory perspective.


Not only has Nalaya been able to help me piece together my own frantic thoughts, but her exercises challenged me to make the change I knew I had wanted all along. If you need someone who is insightful, gentle, encouraging, and present, PLEASE please please work with Nalaya. Forever grateful for the work I have done with Nalaya, and the love she has shown me throughout my journey. BIG LOVE + LIGHT!

Benedict Pollard

United Kingdom


I have been working with Nalaya Chakana for well over a year now, and I am not sure I even recognise myself, such has the transformation been. She is so committed to the process of guiding me through difficult emotions, patterns, blockages and ‘history’ that I have at last found someone with whom I have been able to simply relax, trust, and ‘do the work’ that needs to be done.


Recently I also completed her wonderful 8-week intensive course, ‘Dare to Love’, which has really challenged me to face up to the things I wanted to turn away from. I have always felt that Nalaya has some rare kind of deep insight and intuition, whereby she somehow knows exactly the right thing to say, or precisely the best practice to adopt, or the very best approach to help break through to a more integrated earthy relationship with life.


During our work together, I feel I am finally, at last, coming home to myself, and standing up for myself, setting stronger boundaries, seeing deeper, being authentic. It’s wonderful to feel life unfolding with growing confidence, and how relationships are transforming for the better. Above all, I feel I can finally let go, trust in myself and trust in life. With heartfelt gratitude and love – it’s been a lot of fun too.

Misty Dawn



Working with Nalaya has been one of the most profound experiences of my healing journey. The depth of relief I have gained from releasing traumas from this life, and inherited traumas I didn’t even know I was carrying with me, has been indescribable. I have come face-to-face with fears created by my own stories in full force, which I have avoided for a very long time.


The greatest transformation I have received from the “Dare to Love” journey is the shedding of the key inherited familial beliefs and stories that were keeping me stuck in repetitive, toxic patterns. I can feel change. I can see change. I am change. It has been three months now since concluding the course and the shifts are still occurring; the magic is still blooming; the layers are still falling away. I am still integrating and still wondering, “What on earth WAS that?!” But every day, I look more and more like the me I am, rather than the me I told myself I was.


I have so much love and infinite gratitude for this woman and what she does. If you are looking for guidance to transmute the pain of your past into the freedom of your future, Nalaya is your guide.

Nistal Wloczysiak



I didn’t really know what to expect when starting the sessions. Yet I knew it was time for real change! Nalaya has an incredible way of navigating through the chaos of feelings and stories. She always gives tangible points to work with. What was most healing for me – is to truly feel met by Nalaya – regardless of what I share. This has empowered me to become even more authentic in my expression in life.


Her insights and reflections are always so spot on and so amazingly clear. I feel touched by her great capacity to understand me as well as hand me practical tools for integration. This makes her work very healing, as well as just so real.

Franziska Hey



Nalaya has an incredible soft and gentle aura to hold space for people to open up, become vulnerable and share (hidden) feelings. I witnessed incredibles transformation in everyone who was present at the Tantric Lifestyle retreat in Peru.


Her guidance is just both light, happy and also deep and 100% authentic. She holds so much wisdom from her life experiences abroad and provides healing with her angelic voice and musical skills. I am so grateful to have met Nalaya and to have shared this amazing transformational retreat with her in Peru. Gracias gracias, sister!

Sheida Nejad

United States


When I met Nalaya we instantly connected. She has a warm presence, a radiant light, and a heart full of so much love. Her wisdom, experiences, and knowledge allows her to deeply connect and help people from all backgrounds and traumas, working specifically with the sacral and heart chakras.


She works from a place of pure love and wisdom to facilitate healing, growth, and balancing both one’s masculine and feminine energies. Her ability to express through music takes her sessions to another level. Her voice, especially, is so beautiful! She is a magical soul.

Geoff Fane



It’s difficult to put into words how much respect I have for Nalaya. She is a spirit of nature and embodies the healing gifts of the divine feminine in nature. She is a beautiful, present, connected and warm-hearted medicine women. She cares deeply for the souls she helps guide with love, kindness and truth.


I am so grateful we met in Peru – where she guided several offerings and ceremonies. As a shamanic healing guide I trust her with my life. Love, respect and blessings to you Nalaya

Marie McCormack

Quebec – Canada


Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU! It’s been a year since the retreat, and I can see clearly how big of an impact it has been. It really allowed me to end one cycle, and open space for the new. The transformation is so tangible!


I touched places inside myself I didn’t even know existed. It has empowered me as a woman, allowed me to see what I am capable of, and on top of that – I now enjoy life more fully!


I still am wearing the bracelet I received at the retreat. I often look at is to remember the gratitude I have for you and the opportunity you gave me with the work we did together.

Espen Livsnyter



When it comes to sharing and teaching love, truth, healing and understanding Nalaya and her programs are an incredible asset.


I cannot recommend her services enough!


Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and helping me transform.

Odette Gibbs



Nalaya is one of the most soulful, inspiring and astute medicine women I have had the pleasure to know and work beside in this lifetime. I have no hesitation emphatically recommending her services to anyone who is ready to heal and connect to their full potential for vital, authentic and engaged living.


Nalaya is both deeply present and deeply intuitive – she holds a gentle, yet undeniably powerful space for radical transformation in her clients – and indeed, for anyone blessed to enter the radiant and compassionate field of her divine feminine presence.


Amongst her many talents, Nalaya is particularly expert at guiding women to access and activate their innate feminine energy; their sensuality, sexuality and womb wisdom.


As a practitioner in this field for many years, I can attest to the fact that Nalaya is absolutely exceptional at what she does – these days, in a world where (let’s face it) all a person has to do is set up a pretty Instagram account and claim to be a healer, it is incredibly rare to find a diamond of authenticity like Nalaya.


Many practitioners ‘talk the talk’ when it is expedient or lucrative to do so, but this is a woman of deep integrity who resolutely and without question ‘walks her walk’ – not only online, but also behind the scenes, in a manner which permeates every aspect of her life and her way of relating to others, nature and the cosmos at large.


Nalaya is the real deal, at the most profound of levels. I have never seen her waver in her integrity, her grace or her capacity to acknowledge her own realness and humaness… thereby creating a remarkable container of deep safety, honesty and trust for those she works with.


If you are considering working with Nalaya, please, trust your inner guidance and go for it. I could not recommend someone more highly.
All my blessings

Theresa Jarosinski



I felt comfortable and at ease with Nalaya. I would recommend the Tantric Lifestyle retreat to anyone who is looking to release and let go of any darkness they are holding onto. The exercises and workshops are thought provoking and deeply healing. I’ve had a lot of loss and change in my life recently.


The time with Nalaya and everyone else in the retreat brought me back to a place of balance and acceptance. It was truly a wonderful experience with an amazing group of people. Thank you for everything!

Max Cossette



One-on-one sessions with Nalaya are like bringing an expert into your world to see the things you cannot see. With her keen eyes and perspective, I gained a deeper understanding for what was stopping me from true connection and happiness.


With her compassionate strength she guided me into release and remembrance of my forgotten parts. Ultimately to find new appreciation for who I am.


The practices she gave me where powerful yet simple. The transformation I went through in such a short time is truly unbelievable.

Alexis Fllow Leiva

United States


Nalaya is a beautiful human being. She is so sincere and passionate about growth, healing and transformation. Its a pleasure to watch her work and lead people to a fuller more vibrant expression of themselves.


She holds a safe space for people to be heard, to release and recover from internal and external wounds, a space to heal and grow. She has great communication skills and always the most gentle teacher.


I highly recommend Nalaya!

Christina Lackner



Nalaya is the perfect person to host retreats! She creates a space in which you feel at ease and ready to open up. Her ceremonies are so beautiful – as is her voice and drumming. At times it was challenging for me, yet always for my greater good and transformation.


In one word I can say the Tantric Lifestyle retreat was EXCEPTIONAL! Our group, the astonishing location next to the river, the full-moon bonfires, the quality yoga classes, the amazingly delicious vegan food. Wow! If you consider working with Nalaya, go for it!!

Petra Kaur

Czech Republic


Tantric Lifestyle was such an epic retreat! Nalaya holds such a great capacity to lead a group whilst holding her center firmly. Her sincere presence and conscious communication touched me deeply. All her sessions are coming from the true core of the life experience, which she shares in authenticity and healthy confidence.


Nalaya’s strength is naked and transparent – she shows her vulnerability on all levels, and inspires us to do the same. As she is so deeply connected to her own inner light, she always sees the light in others, and reminds us of it when we don’t see it.

Matthew John

United States


I recommend that you connect with Nalaya – her beautiful soul, her insights, her spoken meditations, online sessions and retreats.


Nalaya is a powerful woman who shares her medicine from her open heart, clear vision and deep life experiences. One of the most important things for me is INTEGRITY, and that is the beautiful reflection that Nalaya emanates.


She encourages everyone to live life with authenticity, and brings people back to that pure connection with the heart, and within all our relationships.

Nita Chakra

USA / Bangladesh


First and foremost Nalaya is a wonderful soul, woman and a healer. I’m grateful for our serendipitous connection as I throughly resonate with her life purpose. Her sessions are amazing in the most surprising ways and I’m so impressed with everything. Nalaya’s approach is gentle yet she has strength of a warrior. Her ability to hold space for a group and move subtle energies is incredible.


The overall the quality of the healing, the rituals, the knowledge and tantric exercises, you cannot find anywhere else in such intimate setting. I experienced healing and releasing at a deep energetic level, I felt connected to my higher self and innate gifts.

Jessica Russel Dawn



Nalaya is an incredible woman and divine feminine leader. She has helped to bring me back to my body, heart and soul, to heal some of my childhood wounds and ultimately, help launch my in embracing my spiritual purpose.


I cannot recommend her and her offerings enough! I know she is meant to do this work and help thousands of people to heal and empower themselves in the years to come and it is an honour to know her as both her student and friend.

Reachel Singh



I did the personalized one-on-one coaching for several months. What amazed me most is that Nalaya can really sense (even from the other side of the planet) what is truly going on and what needs attention. In-between the sessions we would check-in through whatsapp and she remained very patient with me! She gave me all the space and time needed for the healing journey to continue.


I was so excited about her work and transformation I received through her guidance that I also signed up for “your sacred cycle”, which is a course I can do in the comfort of my own home.


Her voice really touches my heart, and every cell in my body just says “YES!” I want to do this, this is so true, this resonates. She works from her heart and I love her openness and honesty. My journey has been much easier and clearer because of her teachings.

Stephanie Borgers



One day I was completely stuck. My life had been a roller coaster for more than a year by then. I turned to Nalaya for her wisdom. The recognition I felt during our first Skype conversation was truly liberating. She taught me that there is no such thing as a VOID. When life seems to crumble apart, and people disappear, there is no VOID, but SPACE cleared up for everything you need! And that’s how it went.


I trusted my heart to her and she guided me through various healing sessions. We were both at the other side of the world, yet the intensity was mind-blowing and I could feel her so closely. The chakra healing was an amazing tool and boost to find my purpose again, and a valuable support to take new decisions. Besides that, Nalaya also taught me how to live with my own cycle, since my body ached to leave the birth control pill. The process has been very enriching and purifying! Getting to know the different phases of my cycle, and by consequence the different women I can embody, connected me with a whole new dimension of my Femininity. I’m so grateful.

Olivia Morgan



Working with Nalaya is a gift. She possess a gentle strength which allows her to create and hold a space in which you feel safe to engage in the work of self knowledge, growth, and healing. I am very grateful for my experience in her Tantric Lifestyle retreat. I received deep grounding in my self, strengthening in my energetic body, and expansion in my capacity to live in love with life.


The land and ceremonies that Nalaya choses to work with are powerful and sacred and her relationship to them is full of respect. Working with these lands and ceremonies allowed me to expand in my consciousness and transform in my relationship with my self, my partner, my family, my life’s work, the divine feminine and masculine energies, and the universe.


The passion fueling Nalaya’s work is beautiful and strong and her relationship with the people that she serves is full of love and care. If you feel a calling to work with Nalaya I hope you gift yourself this amazing opportunity!

Diego Bronstein Lay



I am speechless after experiencing several healing sessions with Nalaya. She has a powerful mind and soul, and knows how to transmit infinite knowledge and kindness in an unexplainable way.


Once you have experienced a session with Nalaya, your entire understanding of life will change forever. It is not something you can understand with the mind. You have to feel it, experience it, and watch life realign itself accordingly.


I’ll be always thankful for this beautiful person.

Mina Villeda Allen



I feel so fortunate to have attended the Tantric Lifestyle retreat with Nalaya. I learned so much with this beautiful and wise soul. I was challenged to my core by the exercises we did as well as the ceremonies and discussions we had. I now feel so much lighter and happier.


I appreciate the nurturing and safe space Nalaya held for me and all the beautiful people there. I loved the entire retreat – the group, the environment, the teachings, the delicious vegan food, and the Kundalini yoga. I thank Nalaya for her wisdom and inspiration this retreat brought into my life. I am absolutely blessed.

Victoria Lozar



The sessions with Nalaya have literally changed my life. Her incredible sense of awareness, her sensibility and her clear guidance have provided me with a safe space to let go of energies and patterns that wouldn’t serve me anymore and help me raise my vibration and become more of who I actually am.


The sessions had an incredible deep effect, and provoked a big shift in my life and relationships. I was looking for a guide and coach already for a long time but couldn’t find anyone until Nalaya popped up and I am glad she did. I can recommend you deeply from my heart to work with her if you need some support or guidance in a process and I can guarantee you that it will be empowering and liberating!

Brint Duncan

United States


Nalaya has a way about her in which she carries herself through the world. She instantly warms your heart with her wisdom, spoken or unspoken, giving you a sense of trust and gratitude that combine into a unique experience. I had worked with her years ago in Vilcabamba, Ecuador – and recently continued the 1:1 sessions online.


She’s the real deal, a very sensitive medicine woman attuned to her way of life with the ability to peer deeply into those who allow her to. She has lots to share if you want to step into the person you know you can become. Nalaya, please share more of your songs, they are incredible.

Rafa Lauraline



Nalaya has a very gentle, subtle yet powerful way of holding your hands – an energy that seems to deeply & lovingly interconnect itself with your own far beyond any timing or contact within the physical realm. She is a deeply wise & authentic creature that one can feel has really stepped into her own empowerment, embodying her own soul’s purpose.


From this place she has clearly cultivated the deep capability to help guide others to this place within themselves – to come home to our own deep innate wisdom waiting within our bodies & souls. If you are someone seeking to be held along your path home to this divine essence within you, if you are even remotely on the fence – jump. I highly recommend her guidance.

Laurie Bella Tierra

United States


Nalaya has an incredible connection to her essence and power, and a beautiful gift of being able to draw that power up and thru the people she works with. One afternoon Tantric Cacao Ceremony with her has changed my life and enhanced my path immensely. Her exercises were both simple and deep, her circle was very intimate, comfortable and open.


She leads with guidance centered in strong inner knowing and experience that I can tell comes from a lifetime devoted to self work and improvement. Her very presence inspires authenticity and a soft, yet empowered feminine self. I saw people of all ages, and all walks of life from all over the world come together in a few beautiful hours and connect in such a profound and transformational way.


I highly recommend this beautiful soul as a friend, healer and a guide!

Miriam Altounji



Nalaya is the real deal, kind, loving, nurturing and strong. I highly recommend her for energy healing work, coaching and the powerful retreats she creates in the Sacred Valley, Peru.


A few years back, I met Nalaya at a pivotal point in my life. Energy work on the self is a life long journey. I believe it is important to recognize guides on our path and to let them help us come to our own conclusions.


Nalaya was the perfect guide for me in that moment of my life. By simply talking to her, she helped me identify and understand the roots of my issue. I definitely felt a powerful energy communicating with mine during our healing session. I am grateful to have met Nalaya and warmly recommend her for anyone looking to know themselves a little better.

Rebecca Pooley



Working with Nalaya was truly transformative in so many ways! Through online sessions and distance energy healing, the process flowed so naturally, and the end result, for me, was tangible change. I could honestly say ‘I’m ready for what comes next’!


Her compassion, knowledge, intuition and capacity to communicate meant I felt supported and seen every step of the way. With such a big heart, her humbleness, reverence and sense of fun made it a joy to work with Nalaya in this deep space.


Having someone as grounded, loving and truthful as Nalaya as a support in my transformative process is a beautiful gift I am very grateful for.

Eugene Sedletsky

United States


Nalaya is someone who will touch your heart in a way that few others can. Just seeing the metamorphosis that has come from this incredibly colorful journey, with all its richness and depth of inner exploration.


I can confidently say that Nalaya has traveled further on this path of being a human than many others even get to! And it shows – in her work, in her deep level of caring, maturity, vulnerability and strength. It shows in every moment as the wisdom that’s listening behind her eyes… and with every word that she imparts in her deep and humble dedication to her purpose

Jeni Barry



Nalaya has been here for me through the dark and light. Her energy is unlike no other I have ever experienced. Every time we meet, I’m reborn again. It’s something you need to experience to understand what I’m saying. She gets you!!


We met a few years ago in Peru. This sparked our connection and allowed us to do different forms of healing by distance. She assisted me in the preparation for pregnancy, during pregnancy, and the integration afterwards. She allowed me to see unhealthy ties to my lineage, that needed to clear, in order to step into my true self.


The transformation has been unbelievable. I feel deeply connected to Nalaya, and trust her with all my heart.

Bo Sijpkes

The Netherlands


Nalaya truly lives her life with an open heart, and guides people exactly from that place. I came across Nalaya on a festival where she offered her workshop.  I was in a stage of my life in which I wasn’t on my true path anymore. I was exhausted and found it hard to navigate my true direction.


And there was Nalaya! She saw me TRULY for who I am. That moment literally changed everything for me! I felt her energy flowing through my entire system. I was being recognized and therefore I began to recognise myself again.


Now, a year later, I’m feeling my power again. After her workshop I couldn’t return to my normal routine. So now I am becoming a holistic therapist! I am working with Reiki again and I am feeling fully alive!

Stephanie Popping

The Netherlands


Just hearing the voice of Nalaya always brings me joy and a particular sence of deep inner-peace. It is the sound of a warm and trustworthy person.


Over the years I have had many healing sessions with Nalaya – both in person as well as by distance. They have been very profound and important during my moments of deep transformation.


She helped me align my relationships – my family, my past lovers as well as where I am now. She assisted me during pregnancy as well as the integration into motherhood.


I am forever grateful for the full trust I feel for her. And how she always brings me peace and clarity with her words of advice and guidance.

Ashlee Dana

United States


Nalaya stands in the power of femininity is a way that used to intimidate and inspire me before I got to know her. Her light and ease shined upon parts of myself I wished to embody. She vibrates grace and weaves together roots and spirit in one.


Nalaya offers the depth of her knowledge, devotion, intuition with such an open heart and warm presence it’s allows space to safely transform and grow. To play into the unknown, soften and bloom. Thank you Nalaya for sharing your gifts.


I am forever grateful for the transformation that occurred through her support and inspiration.

Paulina Nejman



Over an extended period of time I did energy healing sessions with Nalaya – and I couldn’t recommend them more! The transformation that has occurred during these months is actually pretty amazing! The fact that we are located on the opposite sides of the globe does not impinge on the effectiveness of her healing. After each session she sends her recordings via WhatsApp, and that’s how we communicate.


Her profound insights and unparalleled guidance in physical and spiritual matters help me dig deeper into myself and peel off layers that reveal the underlying cause of my issues. I’m forever grateful for having this magical, gifted soul guiding me through my life!

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