Personal Experiences from the Heart


All that I share with you is a direct manifestation of my passion. I love my purpose and do not see my work as work – it is simply “being me”. I feel absolute gratitude to my life’s experience – for the pain and struggles, for the pleasure and flow – and all that was part of my soul’s evolution.  I am grateful for the integration of my wisdom, which has allowed me to be the healer and guide that I am today. 

testimonial-stephanieborgers-femfulnessStephanie Borgers

Distance Energy Healing session


One day in July, I was completely stuck. My life had been a roller coaster for more than a year by then, and all I could feel was the ground shaking underneath my feet. I turned to Nalaya for her Wisdom and Softness. Months before I bought my Eve Cup from her, and I had been following her work ever since. The recognition I felt during our first Skype conversation was truly liberating. She teached me that there is no such thing as a VOID. When life seems to crumble apart, and people disappear, there is no VOID, but SPACE cleared up for everything you need! And that’s how it went.


I trusted my heart to her and she guided me through various healing sessions. We were both at the other side of the world, yet the intensity was mind-blowing and I could feel her so closely. The chakra healing was an amazing tool and boost to find my purpose again, and a valuable support to take new decisions. Besides that, Nalaya also teached me how to live with my own cycle, since my body ached to leave the birth control pill. The process has been very enriching and purifying! Getting to know the different phases of my cycle, and by consequence the different women I can embody, connected me with a whole new dimension of my Femininity. I’m so grateful.


I sincerely hope to meet you one day in real life, dear Nalaya. In the meantime, I’m happy to connect with you through our hearts! Namaste My Queen!


Nallely Terrazas Kiedaisch

Life Coaching & Participant in various workshops


Beautiful goddess. Thank you for being my great mother in so many ways. I am so grateful I met you on my path. I bow down infront of your soul your pure divine being. Thank you thank you thank you for being you and making this world so much more fun next to you, on your side, with you, in all the ways.


Love everything about what you are doing! The session with you has truly filled my body, mind and soul with healing, compassion and love. I am so grateful for you and your work and I hope many more people get to experience and feel for themselves what blessing your work can be.

Ana Branco testimonial femfulnessAna Branco

Womb Wisdom workshop – The Netherlands


During the workshop we connected deeply with the wisdom of the womb. It took me to the softness and femininity I had lost contact with over the years. Nalaya is a healer with many skills, her integrity and clarity impressed me the most. Thank you dear sister for sharing your grace and beauty with us and for inspiring women and men to be connected with their own nature.

Eva-Melitta RaalTestimonial-eva-raal-femfulness

Energy Healing session – Ecuador


Nalaya really knows how to hold space for someone and listen, truly listen, like nobody else I’ve met before. I feel like after every conversation I had with her, I walked away having learnt something new about myself. My energy healing session with her brought to light some deep rooted blockages and served as a big stepping stone on my path of self-discovery.

Thank you for sharing your light and compassion, Nalaya!


Becca Samels

Energy Healing session – Ecuador


Nalaya is a pure conduit for angel healing energy.  At the very beginning of our session I immediately felt the kundalini energy flow like a serpent throughout my body.  I felt very safe in her presence and appreciated her attention to my energy.  Nalaya not only knows how to create the space for healing, but knows how to integrate what happens during a session with your everyday life.  Thank you for sharing your soul with us all!

Krina Ragghianti

Energy Healing session – Peru


Nalaya!! Thank You so much for the change you have helped me achieve. Your open heart and intuition showed me the way to reconnect with my femininity! You are Astoundingly Brilliant! Meeting You was the one of the best things that has happened in my life.


Through my healing sessions with You, I came to know myself as a woman for the very first time – and then I found a self love within I never thought was possible. I witnessed distressing patterns dissolve and a new awareness raise up from the core of my being. it was like a ‘portal of grace’ opened during the session, and in that space a precious gift of healing was passed to me – a gift I barely understand but most definitely cherish.


The way You “Hold the Space” was professional and very personal at the same time…. filling me with such immense gratitude!! Your Confidence,Your beautiful intuition, Your deep compassion and authentic presence are the perfect recipe for a true joyful warmth healing process. The way You hold a space of such unconditional acceptance that healing occurs at the deepest levels of my Soul.


All my Gratitude to You my dear SiStar

Miriam-femfulness-testimonialMiriam Altounji

Energy Healing session – Ecuador


I met Nalaya at a pivotal point in my life. Energy work on the self is a life long journey. I believe it is important to recognize guides on our path and to let them help us come to our own conclusions.


Nalaya was the perfect guide for me in that moment of my life. By simply talking to her, she helped me identify and understand the roots of my issue. I definitely felt her energy communicating with mine during our healing session. I am grateful to have met Nalaya and warmly recommend her for anyone looking to know themselves a little better.

Kearsley-femfulness-testimonialKearsley Tate Schweller

‘Moon Inside You’ workshop – Panama


Grateful for this earth angel and her passionate presence in this world. I shared in a sacred sister circle with Nalaya in Panama at Tribal Gathering and was so inspired by her workshop that I took my reproductive health more seriously.


I highly recommend ANY of her events, they are powerful yet peacefully serene. She holds A safe space for sisters to be heard, to release and recover from internal and external wounds, a space to heal and grow. Her workshop allowed me  to open up deeper to my higher self and reconnect to the womb wisdom within, inspiring me to treat my temple with the utmost of love and honor.


Nalaya radiates warm love and her natural light feels like a soft embrace on my soul…. So eternally grateful for women that empower and inspire me like she does! Eager to share space with her again!

Lorena Valdes

Coaching – Peru


Nalaya is a powerful woman who shares her medicine from her open heart, clear vision and deep life experiences with the energies (here and in higher realms). One of the most important things for me on the Spiritual Path is INTEGRITY, and that is the beautiful reflection that Nalaya emanates.


She encourages everyone to live life with authenticity, and brings people back to that pure connection with the Heart – the Universal Heart and within all our relationships.


Completely recommend her work to everyone. Keep on shining sister. Your light is needed! Love & Gratitude

Allie Corcovelos

‘Sacred Sounding’ workshop – Panama


I sat. Soft grass beneath me, warm Caribbean winds kissed my face as I gathered in a circle with a small group of women. I was there for the women’s womb workshop, and I had no idea what that actually meant or entailed but I was intrigued. I’ll be honest; I was uncomfortable at first. Not with the exercises (meditative deep breathing, focusing on the each chakra up, using visualizations and sound; also four direction prayers) but with myself.


In the everyday world, I often operate with my masculine foot forward (extreme tomboy straight out of the womb), hiding my feminine features and attitudes because I desired to attract women, divert men’s attention, and it is comfortable for me to be that… so here I was in a workshop with several beautifully powerful feminine women and me in my trucker hat, strong broad shoulders and board shorts. As I breathed through each chakra and felt my own vibrations and sounds I gained further insight into my unconscious divine feminine.


Nalaya, the facilitator of the workshop held a safe space and a warm example of strength and softness… one I truly admired. I was allowed the time to really be and feel what was going on with me. Nalaya created a space of sisterhood between us women, who before this workshop were mostly strangers to me and that aided in my openness with the workshop. It was only a couple months previous to this experience that I had become aware of the lack of sisters in my life, most of the women were either other masculine women that I would feel more compelled to call brothers than sisters, or women that flirted and saw me differently because of my sexuality. It was exciting to see this awareness emerge from within. And as I heard the drum, I sang to each of the four directions my song and each time I turned I could see and feel my feminine energy wiggling around inside, telling me it was okay to be expressed and explored; that I was safe and any wounds from my past would and could be healed.


It was time to forgive and to balance the energy within. My feminine energy looks different than most peoples but it is Me and I feel strong within myself because of it. I am very grateful to the women that were apart of the workshop and to Nalaya for showing me what sisterhood looks and feels like. I would encourage any person to take this workshop, there is freedom in being given time and intentional space just to sit and be amongst sisters.


Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

Bo-femfulness-testimonialBo Sijpkes

Workshop at Women’s Festival – The Netherlands


Living with an open heart leads you to beautiful places – just like this magical workshop-tent with the beautiful Nalaya in it. Here I experienced her Womb Wisdom workshop. Nalaya shone her light upon all of us. I was in a stage of my life in which I wasn’t on my true path anymore. My heart was open but, in truth, exhausted.


And there was Nalaya, she saw me – truly – for who i am. That changed everything! I’ve felt her energy flowing through my entire system. I was being recognized and therefore I began to recognise myself again.


Now, a year later, I’m feeling my power again. After her workshop I couldn’t return to my normal routine. So now I am becoming a holistic therapist! I am working with Reiki again and I am feeling fully alive!

Stephanie-femfulness-testimonialStephanie Popping

Distant Energy Healing Sessions


Only hearing the voice of Nalaya always brings me joy and a particular inner-peace. It is the sound of a warm and trustworthy person. That is also how I have experienced my healing-sessions with her! Full of trust, love and always bringing me peace and clarity with her words of advice and guidance.

Joeke-femfulness-testimonialJoeke Hoeboer

Distant Energy Healing sessions


I found Nalaya online when I bumped in to the Menstruation Cup. I bought it, and from then on I only had great experiences and help from her. I really feel like Nalaya is helping me to truly open myself to become the person I want to be and to become more and more open to really follow my intuition and heart. I want to live the true essence of life and I believe I will do that as long as I stay dedicated to myself.


I am so grateful Nalaya is in my life. I feel like I really can use some stepping stones to become my greatest version where I choose ME in stead of my surroundings and the things society has thought me. I experienced that I find it hard to always listen to myself and not get caught up in my ‘old’ self but I believe with the right tools I can make it happen. I believe in Nalaya because she works with her heart to help others and that is for me the most efficient way.


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