Nalaya | The quest for love
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The quest for love

The quest for love

So many people believe they have to heal before they are ready for a true partnership. I see this as a very intelligent protection mechanism of the heart.

It appears respectful, but if you look a little closer, it actually states you are unworthy of such goodness until you do this and achieve that.


A belief like that puts conditions on you, your value as well as conditions on love itself.


Don’t get me wrong – my work is based on clearing the past in order to love greater. Of course there is an element of healing that has to be done. Especially with matters of the heart. But the aim is not formulate an equation that leads to the expected outcome when you decide it should happen.


It’s actually reversed. Love is unpredictable in its nature. It’s mysterious, abstract and paradoxical. The quest is not about you controlling when you supposedly are ready. The quest is to allow the trust to grow so great, that you allow love to manifest in the most unexpected moment…

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