Nalaya | The stranger who changed my life
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The stranger who changed my life

The stranger who changed my life

In the time I lived in Australia, I went on my first solo adventures throughout the country. During one of those trips I went up north to the rainforest. What seemed to be a pretty standard route for any 19 year old, somehow changed the course of my life.


During one of the treks I was on, the guide shared with us knowledge about plants, the aboriginals and the history of these lands. I was fascinated, surely, but what caught me about him, wasn’t so much what he shared, but HOW he shared it.


He was bursting with passion. I could see genuine happiness in his eyes.


Regardless of the fact that he would share the same information, and guide people onto the same, or similar treks, didn’t take from his passion. It exhilarated it, because he chose to do what he loves.


There I was – a 19 year old, studying Corporate Communication at University, doing my internship at a PR agency in Sydney. Suddenly I questioned… Am I truly happy? Is this path leading me to live a passionate life?


This bush-guide changed my life, and he doesn’t even know it. That encounter and so many more incredibly deep experiences in Australia, turned my world upside down.


Pretty soon after returning to Holland I slipped into the most severe dark depression I’ve had in this life. It was clear something in me had changed drastically, and was looking for a new expression.


I finished University because I was young, and didn’t want to upset my parents. I did however promise myself that I would never work for anyone but myself. And that the only life I want to live, is a passionate one.


And so it is…

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