Nalaya | The Warrior’s Blindspot
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The Warrior’s Blindspot

The Warrior’s Blindspot

The warrior is the one who needs to be challenged. The warrior has to overcome, accomplish and feel acknowledged for it. The bigger the task, the better they feel.


There’s an aspect to the warrior that is essential for progression and growth. Though, it could be exactly the place where your blindspot is hiding. The place from which you are sabotaging the thing you truly desire in love.


I used to be a hard-headed warrior; stubborn and courageous. I used to be attracted to ‘resistance’, and believed that it was the ‘challenges’ on my path that lead me to my greatest transformations.


Until I realised…
That the warrior inside was stopping me from getting where I truly wanted to be in relationship.


Let me clarify what I mean by that.


In the warriors perspective, the greater the struggle, the greater the reward. His position is connected to ‘effort’ and ‘accomplishment’.


It’s a calculation: action leads to success. Meaning: love is hard work.


You either attract challenging partners because your belief-system tells you: “It is meaningful BECAUSE it is hard work”. Or, it can be a general expression to how you interact with life, because somehow it proves the value of who you are. A true spiritual warrior, right?


Struggle, struggle, overcoming more struggle, and then finally some ease. Then again, struggle, struggle, struggle, and finally a little ease…


Sound familiar?


You probably tend to blame yourself too. You take way too much responsibility for what happens in life and how things turn out. When things go wrong, you believe you didn’t DO enough, or didn’t DO them good enough.


If only you gave more of yourself, put in more effort, and better quality – then, and only then – will things work out the way you believe they can.


But it hasn’t yet.
And I’m here to tell you that they won’t.


Unless… you learn to balance your input with how you receive. Learn to trust in the easeful aspect of life. One that can only come if you open up to surrender…



Have you ever had an experience, that when you finally let go of the thing you want, it manifests itself almost instantaneously?


The trick here is to know what you want, and then to let go of it. Your warrior mind tries to convince you that “if you DO this” or “act like that” you shall accomplish all your desires. In actuality, you gotta let go so that life can take over. Surrender to the way it wants to unfold.


Challenges are inevitable. Let them come when the come, please just stop looking for them. The law of attraction is pretty simple – the more you focus on struggle, the more struggle will come. And, the more you focus on ease, the more ease will come.


Find the things in life that take no effort to realise itself. Whatever it is. Cooking, dancing, a creative project, and focus on whatever brings you laughter and lightness.


Alignment is ease. Just focus on the things in life that bring ease, and watch the rest unfold.


Check in with yourself – has life really taught you that when you pay a bigger price, that life turns out good? Where did you learn this? And is it really true?


When there is too much force, effort and action in your attitude, in a way you are portraying that you don’t actually believe in the thing you want. Your actions contradict the trust your desire requires to manifest itself.


Are you willing to let go a bit of control and practice the art of receiving?


I always say – giving is being in control, receiving is being out of control. In other words, when we practice receiving we automatically practice what it means to trust.


Receive a compliment, a piece of advice, receive support, a smile, a message filled with love, without needing to give back immediately. Receive an embrace, guidance and direction. Don’t reject it in the first instant. Receive, absorb, digest, and then choose if it is meant for you. Have a little faith in what is being given.


You get to desire what you want. Believe what you want. Allow what you want, and what you want will come. But if you force to make it happen by what you DO, you will continue to attract challenges. Because you’re not allowing the manifestation. The forcing is the warrior’s blindspot.


Let go, relax and receive…

Only in the surrender does the true essence of the warrior awaken. The one who trusts.


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