The yearning of my heart (poem)

The yearning of my heart (poem)

My heart yearns for your embrace⠀
To fall apart in your arms ⠀
And cry a waterfall of pleasure and pain⠀


My deepest desire⠀
And greatest fear⠀
Mixed in this yearning of my heart⠀
For you⠀


For you to look at me⠀
Right into my soul ⠀
In silence⠀
And feel the depth of the unspoken⠀


For you to listen⠀
As I listen to you⠀
And for your pure presence to meet mine⠀


I could continue to express⠀
The yearnings of my heart⠀
As they are many⠀


Instead I gift you a glimpse of my sweet tears⠀
Which drip from my essence⠀
For you to taste⠀
This moment⠀



Artwork: Tina Maria Elena


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