Nalaya | What Truly Impresses Me (poem)
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What Truly Impresses Me (poem)

What Truly Impresses Me (poem)

What truly impresses me
Is when you stop trying to impress me


Get rid of those fancy words
Or how you try to prove your wisdom


Let go of the stories of strength
If you cannot reveal your softness


Without your story
I cannot meet you half way


So give me a taste of your realness
Your transparency
In all it’s glory


Show me your sweat and shivers
Reveal your pride and courage
Let me see your most hidden scars
And your big wide smile that tops it all


Your rawness is what impresses me
And how you allow me in
Little by little


Your presence is what opens my heart
And how you listen with curiosity
To know me
To get a glimpse of my uniqueness
With fascination for more


So.. Meet me with your silence
Your deep gaze
And gentle touch


Meet me with interest
And the way you dare to share


It requires no effort
No thought
No expected outcome


That’s how you truly impresses me


With your details
When the mystery of you becomes less mysterious
When your smile becomes the gateway to truth
And your eyes guard me with realness

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