Nalaya | Why you keep attracting emotionally unavailable men
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Why you keep attracting emotionally unavailable men

Why you keep attracting emotionally unavailable men

So many of my female clients complain about men who are emotionally unavailable. Men who cannot meet them, who cannot understand their feelings, nor dive into the depths that they long for.


Have you ever noticed how these kind of experiences become part of the internal story you tell yourself? Basically stating: “Men are like this. Period”.


Deep down you are angry, and this anger comes up when you talk to your girlfriends. You repeat your story, get all fired up and convince yourself that this was the release you needed. But deep down you know you haven’t let go. Not of the story, not of the emotion, and certainly not of this limiting belief regarding men.


Because a little while later… you somehow find yourself attracting yet another emotionally unavailable man. You find yourself in a familiar scenario, having the kind of experience you tried to avoid at all cost.


Now you have more reasons to be angry. And so the story grows and grows. The belief becomes stronger, and therefore you keep attracting the thing you believe is true: “Men are like this. Period”.


You see where I am going with this?


Do you truly believe you are the creator of your reality? If so, why do you keep focusing on the thing you don’t want? The universe doesn’t discriminate between what you supposedly “do” or “do not” want. It simply listens to what you put your focus on. If your focus is emotionally unavailable men, you’ll attract more of that.


To change your belief, you need to focus your attention on what you do want. It requires dedication to yourself and to your commitment to do things differently.


Make a clear and simple promise to yourself to let your past be for what it is. Don’t mention these old experiences for a while. At least until the new belief has truly replaced it.


Today is a good day to make these changes. All it takes is small consistent steps in the direction of your desire. To keep reminding yourself: what you focus on is what you’ll attract more of.


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